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UCC Europe

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2016/02/08 22:00 UTC

Winner Ancient

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E-Frag vs. Ancient at UCC Europe

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The last time these two met I actually thought E-frag would win and I was surprised by the level Ancient showed. I still feel like this is an incredibly close game, and it could go either way depending on whether twist shows up or not. If he does, then they could potentially win this game easily, if he struggles though, then they will struggle as a side overall.

Ancient looked really poor against a YP side that looked surprisingly good, which lead me to wonder how YP got so good so quick, or how YP got so bad so quick. Regardless of this game, they have an awful lot of skill in their roster, and with E-frag force buying themselves out of games, the tactical mind of Pronx will come to fruition here and he should be able to guide them to victory.

E-frag will be playing earlier in the evening, so watching how they perform then might be interesting before betting on this game. I find that daily form often plays a big part in how people perform overall, and if they are being overly aggressive with poor finance management against Method, then I would seriously consider going on Ancient here. I believe after the last game you HAVE to favour Ancient here, at about 60-40, and with the odds currently being exactly that, the most logical choices would be to go LOW on Ancient, or SKIP.

Edit : switched prediction to E-frag

My odds for this match: 40:60 Ancient


So going into this, E-Frag is not in the greatest of form at all to be honest, which is kinda worrying. They are my underdogs for this, however not by much and it’s mainly due to me not having much confidence and belief in them, while when I look at Ancient, I get somewhat more confident. I’ve analysed E-Frag so many times already today, that it is really taking a toll on me. Obviously they are playing matches before this, so you could watch those and that could be a good indicator of how E-Frag are playing today, since most of their results just come down to if they are performing on the day, their skill level is really high, they’ve been together for a very long time, however it is their consistency keeping them down I feel. By no means am I counting E-Frag out here, they’ve got more than enough to defeat Ancient here, however ehh. A plus for E-Frag here is that Dreamer is able to play, which to me he is their best player, so that is a good addition to have and increases their odds by quite a bit. Won’t go too much longer, I just feel that E-Frag will need to be strong here and land their shots, if not, well they will get punished.


Ok boys, we are a new team, a lot of eyes on us, we need to show what we are made of. – Translate that to Swedish, and then 16:0’d by YouPorn on Mirage, 10/10. So yes Ancient is a very new team, they have a lot of potential in my eyes, they have good players all around, except Devilwalk, get rid of him please, but apart from that I feel that if this team keeps grinding and sticks together, except Devilwalk, then they have a good future in front of them. These guys’ results are all over the place, they had that really poor run in the Katowice Qualifiers, then beat E-Frag which is impressive, and obviously is a good sign here, however E-Frag did not have Dreamer, who for me is their best player and he is a huge miss, this time around he is back, so expect a much closer game, or well logically it should be. And then of course like I already mentioned, the 2-0 loss to YouPorn, the first map was a unlucky 16:14 but then 16:14, I never think that it is the underdogs doing really well when a team gets 16:0’d, I think it is just the overdog going extremely tilt, and I mean Devilwalk dropped like 6 kills or something the first map, followed by a ddos the 2nd map, so they had to get a standin and stuff, it was just messy, and I do not want to completely concentrate on the YP result, however this team already stands out to be really inconsistent. I can see why they can be inconsistent, they rely on Twist and Schneider way too much, with the ocassional performance from Pauf, however who else if these guys are not performing? Pronax? Maybe, Devilwalk? Never. My favorites for this game, however very slightly margins and would not be surprised if they got crushed here.


Last time around there was no Dreamer, and Twist had to go insane for Ancient to win this game, however I still reckon that they could win this, and they are my favorites mainly because I do not rate E-Frag too highly. E-Frag to me is one of the biggest hit or misses in the CSGO pro scene, so you have to be insanely careful with them.  E-Frag has a lot of games, two in precise before this one starts, so that is a really good indication of how they will playing, and of massive odd shift for sure, however might get a bit tired too, so keep that in mind. 55-45 in favor of Ancient here, really high risk.


Going to play the odds here, no chance to consistently pick a winner here. Extremely high risk game, so low bets only, 2-3% on Ancient if they are below 62%, and 2-3% E-Frag if they are indeed above it. Really high risk game, so low bets only please.

My odds = 55-45 Ancient

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Ancient if under 62%, otherwise 2-3% E-Frag, can really go either way.

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: 45:55 Ancient


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