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2016/03/03 16:20 UTC

Winner Astralis

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E-Frag vs. Astralis at IEM

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  • Dust2: 65-35 Astralis
  • Inferno: 60-40 Astralis
  • Mirage: 65-35 Astralis
  • Cache: 60-40 Astralis
  • Train: 65-35 Astralis
  • Overpass: 70-30 Astralis
  • Cobblestone: 50-50


Pretty straight forward game it feels like, Astralis have a nice record against E-Frag and only got upset once which was on lan as well, this was a BO3 and Astralis weren’t in a good shape back then and extremely unexperienced. As of now, Astralis are more experienced and E-Frag don’t have the ”hypetrain” they had back then. Astralis should have this one in the bag. Dream3r doesn’t play either so that’s another thing to mention.

Medium (10%) on Astralis

My odds for this match: 30:70 Astralis

So dream3r couldn’t attend this event because of his VAC ban and E-Frag had to prepare with a different fifth player, they will use pNshr instead and that’s obviously a downgrade, not saying he’s bad or anything but definitely not as good as dream3r. E-Frag’s results with pNshr are not that impressive, they basically used him for two tournaments – IEM Katowice Qualifier and PGL Minor where they beat PixelFire, Cringe Gaming and PENTA before falling to HellRaisers in the finals, most of these matches were very close and knowing that their opponents were basically tier 3 teams, their chances of beating Astralis are nearly impossible.

Astralis are looking hot, made it to the finals of ESL Expo Barcelona where they beat dignitas, ENVYUS, x6tence and Gamers2 before losing to fnatic in the final, traded maps against Na`Vi in the EEPL and had a good run during Global eSports Cup, they basically beat every every single team they played besides fnatic.

Well, E-Frag is not a bad team but I just don’t see them beating Astralis even in a best of one match, this is a $250,000 tournament after all and Astralis are godlike right now, pretty sure they will win this match very easily.

My odds for this match: 15:85 Astralis

This is not a game that astralis will want to lose, or should lose. They are superior in pretty much every way, and I really feel like E-frag will mostly be making up the numbers at this event, rather than having a chance at progressing. I do worry slightly when betting on astralis, as they can choke sometimes and throw away games that they SHOULD win. Overall though, apart from Cache, and maybe D2 if astralis start bad, I feel like they will win every other map comfortably. Especially with pnshr playing, it weakens the Bulgarians, and this one should be a some what comfortable win for the Danes. MED on astralis, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: 30:70 Astralis


Now this is one where Astralis really should be taking this, and should not even be a too close of a game, perhaps 16:7 in favor of them. Astralis are the better team in every aspect here, and should be taking this. Keep in mind however, E-Frag are no Mongolz, this is not a safe max and relax here, while yes Astralis will probably take it, the upset potential is still there, especially considering that this is a BO1. With E-Frag it’s kinda hitting the lottery, they have the potential to upset some teams in this group, however as we all know, they can either be really, really god awful or they can really turn up and give any team a challenge for their money. E-Frag actually announced themselves a long time ago now with a few really impressive LAN performances, do I think they can repeat those here? Honestly no. I do think that unless Astralis goes full choke mode, this should be theirs. Not much else to say, 75-25 in favor of Astralis here.


10% Astralis if below 82%, otherwise skip/ICB E-Frag here. E-frag is not your Mongolz, they are decent so be careful. They have players that can more than turn up and really turn up the heat here.

My odds = 75-25 Astralis

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Astralis if below 82%, otherwise skip/ICB E-Frag.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: 25:75 Astralis


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