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2015/12/04 18:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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E-Frag vs. EnVyUs at Starseries

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EnvyUs should be winning this matchup. Even though they looked really badly in their online matches today, I don’t believe it matters. EnvyUs lost those games because of Happy getting DDoSed. That’s basically what happened. They had to use Maniac for both matches, and it didn’t work out very well at all for them. He did well on Train against Na’Vi, but on Mirage he got 3 frags in the whole map. On Cobblestone against Titan he went 12-19, and then Envyus had another standin on Train against Titan. It wasn’t all Maniac, but Envy really needed their whole squad to win those games. I am concerned that the DDoS could happen again, but hopefully not. Happy is scheduled to play tomorrow.

However even with Happy, Envy have been in a slump. At the Faceit finals they under-performed by a lot. They lost to NiP and LG and got knocked out early, which wasn’t really expected. They still should win this game assuming Happy doesn’t get DDoSed though. Before the Faceit Lan they were performing pretty well, and as I said they only lost their matches against Na’Vi and Titan due to the DDoS on Happy. They are still the better team by far with better raw aim, strats, and experience. They’ve won 4/5 maps against E-Frag lately, and E-Frag usually struggle against Tier one teams. They’ve been doing really well against tier 2-3 teams and such, but whenever they face a strong team it seems like they flop.

E-Frag are a very strong Bulgarian team who have been together for a long time. I have not seen any roster changes ever from them, and for good reason. Dream3r is a great player who regularly topfrags along with v1ct7or, and Bubble is a really solid awper who might be able to put a fight up against KennyS in some situations. They usually have pretty great T sides and good strategies, but their CT sides is sometimes when they fall apart. For instance when they recently lost a BO5 to Flipsid3 0-3, it was pretty much all because of their weak CT sides. Envy will be able to take advantage of this, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m calling them to win this.

E-Frag are a great team who can contend with tier one teams such as Envy, but Envy should win this 2-1 or 2-0. They only lost their two recent matches because of Happy’s DDoS attack, and they are better in almost all aspects compared to E-Frag. A medium bet on Envy is good here as long as the odds stay under 75% or so. Good luck!

My odds for this match: 30:70 EnVyUs


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