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APM S2 Finals

Best Of 3
2016/02/14 14:30 UTC

Winner FSid3

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E-Frag vs. FSid3 at APM S2 Finals

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Both teams here are performing at extremely similar levels although FlipSid3 is a small step ahead of E-Frag. FlipSid3 is a skilled and refined team with a play style that is completely dependent on the opposing team, always attempting to counter and find the gaps and weaknesses in the opposing team’s play style. This would be considered great only if FlipSid3’s players were being utilized to their fullest. FlipSid3 has extremely talented and nutty players such as WorldEdit and Markeloff who have been known to make some extreme plays but have suddenly dropped low in the frag department due to the extremely passive play style. Sure, this hurts FlipSid3 as a team but they are deemed successful in this APM LAN.

On the other hand, E-Frag has been as successful if not more successful than FlipSid3 throughout this LAN. E-Frag have been playing with a power house play style, trying to accumulate frags quickly and take fast map control. The problem with this is FlipSid3 can easily find the weakness with E-Frag’s play style and chip away at E-Frag at a constant pace. The only reason I can see E-Frag hold their own in this game or LAN in general is because of their vicious talent with players such as Vic7or and especially dream3r who has been playing HARD for the past few games. E-Frag is an extremely talented team although they are going to be read by FlipSid3 like a book. E-Frag has a nice chance at winning this although I suspect that Fsid3 will be taking this with a slight edge due to play style and reads.

Recommended bet : SMALL FSid3

My odds for this match: 45:55 FSid3


Both teams have been looking quite good this lan so far, both teams only lost to Mousesports and won all the other matches they played. The winner of this match will face Mousesports in the Grand Final which will be a BO5. This match is still a BO3. Overall, E-Frag didn’t really stand a chance against Mousesports, they did manage to wreck Alternate yesterday just like they did in the upper bracket  at the start of this tournament, E-Frag coming this far was somehow expected. Flipside standing here was also somewhat expected, their match against Mousesports was much more close than E-Frag’s was. Mirage was a stomp but Cobblestone really looked like Flipside had it at the point where they were 11:9 up. But sadly Flipside lacked actual executions so Mousesports locked them down fairly easily.


Overall there’s been a lot of H2H matches between these two teams, and I don’t think they ever went in the favour of E-Frag. Flipside always comes out on top and I think I mentioned this yesterday, Flipside belongs with Dignitas, G2, SK and Mousesports whereas E-Frag belongs with CSGL, Vexed and Hellraisers. Top tier2 vs mid tier2 with Flipside being the top tier2 team. I think that Flipside are once again going to win this game as they are simply the team with better teamplay and I think that really matters at this point. Unless dream3r goes absolutely ham then we can actually expect a 2:0 win in favour of Flipside as they are better on Cobblestone, Train, Mirage, Cache and Overpass. All Flipside have to do is ban Inferno and Dust2 and they should be able to 2:0 this.


I really want to go sort of risky on this one as I did earlier this event with Flipside vs CSGL. I wanna suggest a medium bet on Flipside here and just hope dream3r doesn’t go ham. 10% of your inventory on Flipside.

My odds for this match: 35:65 FSid3


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