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Best Of 2
2015/12/14 20:00 UTC

Winner G2

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E-Frag vs. G2 at APM

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E-Frag vs G2 in a best of 2

The 2 maps I see being picked here will be DD2 by E-Frag and maybe Mirage by G2? We will have to see… Regardless I can’t see G2 losing this game against E-frag especially not with a map choice of their own.

G2: So for the last few weeks Rain has been on holiday and has had Mutris standing in for them. In previous games the players just didn’t really seem to care and were playing with a more heavy pug style then relying on teamwork, personally I’m hoping that was just a one off and the old G2 with rain returning will be giving them the old fight they used to have and hopefully taking E-frag 2-0. With this win G2 it will push them closer to taking 1st place in group B for the Acer Predator Masters Series, so this game is fairly important to them so I really can’t see why they would not try to put some effort into this. My main concern previously with this team was players hours, these have picked up big time since Rain has got back so I assume they have begun training again, Always promising to see Maikelele playing CSGO rather than Dota2 all night!!


Currently the leading team in the Acer Predator Masters Series with 4 wins and 0 losses so of course they would love to remain at the top and try to gain a big point lead on 2nd place holders G2. Their previous match against LC I personally thought was abysmal they threw many silly rounds away and just didn’t seem to have much polish for a team that I highly respect. A team like G2 would fall nicely for the T side tactics as these guys can fool most tier 1 teams however when it comes to CT side I really think G2 will be stomping them due to their play style being fast and aggressive and playing with very little respect.


Personally I’m going to bet fairly large on them. If you need a idea on what a large bet is for you use the betting calculator below in the premium features section and place a large bet on these guys. There is a slight risk E-Frag could snatch it but G2 would have to be playing VERY poor.


GLHF guys 🙂

My odds for this match: 15:85 G2


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