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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/06 19:00 UTC

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E-Frag vs. LC at Counter Pit League

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E-Frag can honestly be so bad at times, like really bad, I was watching them struggle versus the UK NerdRage the other day, and that really should not be happening, and it just goes to show how inconsistent these guys are in their play. Their peak is quite high however, so that is something to keep in mind, it just seems that the only time they really do reach their peak is when they are playing teams better than them, and when they do face off versus easier opposition, everything just seems to collapse. These guys skill ceiling is quite high, and I do favor them here in that aspect, as well as it being a BO2, you’d surely hope E-Frag can pull off at least a map, but we’ll see. For me it just depends which E-Frag we see as I said, they are the favorites for me here, especially to simply just get a map and have skins returned, however once again, it’s E-Frag. E-Frag has some really high skill players like Dreamer, Victor, and what not and as long as they can bring the game that I know they can, this should go in the way of E-Frag.


Also known as Panters now, honestly these guys are not bad, not bad at all. They have some good players in that lineup, and the guys have been together for some time now, or well the core of the team. For me this team is missing some fragging power, they have a lot of ”tidy” so to speak players, however not necessarily just raw fraggers that will go out there and tap heads, and that’s something I feel these guys are missing. Eitherway, for me LC definitely is the underdogs going into this match,however not by too far of a margin. The odds don’t necessarily give them too much credit given that it is a BO2, and I could see them pulling out a map here, however two is stretching it a bit too much I think, but then again it is E-Frag and I’ve seen them lose to worse opposition. Not much to say really, LC has a decent chance of pulling off a map, however two would be a stretch I feel.


Given the fact that this is a BO2, I will lean the odds slightly towards E-Frag here, however not by too much. I do expect E-Frag to pull of at least one map, and most likely two too, however this is E-Frag and like I said, I’ve seen them lose easier matches, so I would not necessarily be surprised. Overall this is a 70-30 for me, you just really need to hope that the key players for E-Frag come up big and don’t go missing like they do on so many matches.


Going to play the odds here given that it’s a medium risk game, I will drop 7-10% on E-Frag as long as they are below 76%, however if they are above it, I’ll go 2-3% on LC in the hopes of an upset. Another good option here would be betting LC to win a map on Fanobet, if that’s an option you would like to explore.

My odds = 70-30 E-Frag

My risk = Medium

My bet = 7-10% E-Frag if under 76%, otherwise 2-3% LC

My advice = Same as my bet



My odds for this match: 70:30 LC


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