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Rising Stars Balkan

Best Of 3
2015/12/19 17:00 UTC



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E-Frag vs. neXtP at Rising Stars Balkan

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E-frag are the favorites to win this LAN by far since they are the most known and most skilled many would say in attendance. In their opening game, they won their match 2-0 against FaithIn, winning Dust 2 16-3 and Cace 16-10. Although they are a very skilled team, the last regional LAN they attended, they fell short of winning and lost to Revolt.


A strong Romanian team, one of the best in Romania ruined their opponents day when playing their first match. They won 2-0 with dominating scorelines of 16-1 on Cache and 16-4 on Dust 2. I’m tentative on whether it’s neXtplease playing amazingly or their opponent (myRevenge) being bots. I’m pretty sure it’s the second one, as neXtplease has always been strong like this in the scene.

Final thoughts and advice

I’ll personally be skipping this as the odds will probably end up 80% or above for E-frag and I don’t find that too appealing to bet on. NextPlease definitely are capable of taking a map off E-frag especially in this domestic environment, so be careful with them. With that being said though, E-frag will probably then just crush NextPlease because whatever I say, ends up being the opposite.

Anyway – I’m skipping this. Good luck.

My odds for this match: 80:20 neXtP

There is not much to say here really, E-Frag are just way better than neXtPlease and they should take this match quite easily.

neXtPlease constantly lose against lower teams such as Enso, eSuba and Revival, they won only two matches recently, one very close best of three against eSuba and a very easy one against myRevenge.

E-Frag compete against the best, recently they had a couple of very good results against top teams, they beat Na`Vi in a best of three series, took a map off of TSM, beat Gamers2 and had a close map against VirtusPro, other than that, E-Frag demolished a couple of lower teams and lost few matches against teams such as Gamers2, London Conspiracy and top teams like TSM, ENVYUS, Titan and others.

E-Frag should take this match, it is a best of three which makes it a bit safer, I’d suggest a medium beto n E-Frag here.

My odds for this match: 75:25 neXtP


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