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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/22 18:00 UTC


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E-Frag vs. Orgless at Operation Kinguin

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Hi guys,

My name is Thijs and today I will bring you a prediction. This time it will be between E-frag and Orgless. This match is a best of 3 and the maps are all TBA. This match will be played for operation kinguin. The loser of this match can still go out of this tournament.

Let me start of with orgless. They are on a little win streak. They’ve beaten FlipSid3, Ancient and YP in all best of 3 series with only dropping a map to Flip and YP. Orgless almost lost against FlipSid3 but they managed to take Mirage on overtime (20:22) after losing overpass (16:9) and they also managed to win Inferno with a 16:10 score. A lot of people are talking about Orgless’s talent BARBARR. He hasn’t played with the team for a few days after he joined an other team for a Swedish LAN ( he lives in Sweden. ) This concerns me a bit. He might be tired/ out of form after a LAN. BARBARR is one of the players that has a huge impact on the team most of the time. Most of his past games he had a positive kill death ratio, I know this doesn’t say much in CS but it means he makes the frags that he should.

E-frag’s match history isn’t as good as from orgless. They’ve played Nostalgie twice, FlipSid3 twice and one time against YP. E-frag won a best of 3 against Nostalgie winning cache(16:11) and Cobble(16:12). The other best of 3 was a lose for them ending in winning cobblestone(16:3) but losing cache(16:14) and Overpass (16:6). Against YP E-frag managed to win with an easy win on Inferno (16:4) and a win on dust(16:10). Against FlipSid3 E-frag lost a best of 3 and draw in a best of 2. In the best of 3 they lost on Inferno and Train with a 16:12 and 19:16 scoreline. The best of 2 against them ended in a win on Inferno for E-frag with a 16:9 scoreline and a lose on cobble in Overtime ending in a win for FlipSid3 with a score of 19:16.

This match is quite hard one to predict. Both teams had there up’s and down’s. They are also kind of on the same level in skill. With BARBARR just coming back from a LAN makes it even harder to get a read on the whole team Orgless. For this match I would say go and play the odds. It can end in a win Orgless. They are a team that has the ability to upset this match. Seeing they recently won against FlipSid3 while E-frag lost against them is something which might favor Orgless a bit. The best advice I could give you here is going LOW on Orgless. It is a really risky match so a skip is recommended for those with a smaller inventory.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: 50:50 Orgless


This is one of those that could really go either way. E-Frag are not the most stable of teams, not at all, they lost to Nostalgie recently to even put it into perspective. They played Esuba yesterday and won 16:14, which is disappointing, and then also lost to Penta 16:8, which once again is disappointing and makes me question their form going into this matchup. E-Frag is one of those teams that has a really bad low, but a good high, but trying to predict which one you’ll get is impossible. I don’t have much confidence in them right now, however I feel like in a BO3 they should be coming out on top versus Orgless. Orgless on the other hand obviously recently added Skytten in place of Tabu which seems to have helped them quite a bit. They’ve pulled out some good results recently such as a 2-0 vs Flipsid3, beating Ancient, 2-0 and just overall solid performances. It is too early to really say what Orgless can aim for as a team, however I do think that if they keep at it they have a lot of potential. For me this is a 60-40 in favor of E-Frag, it really could go either way here, just depends if E-Frag decide to turn up today, or repeat their performances from yesterday.


Really high risk game, just going to play the odds here. As long as E-Frag is below 66%, go 2-3% on them, otherwise 2-3% Orgless.

My odds = 60-40  E-Frag

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% E-Frag if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% Orgless

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: 60:40 Orgless

Pretty hard game to call to be honest as both sides have had close results before and Orgless have been in good form lately since they picked up SKYTTEN. He seems to have fitted into the team well, and the side overall has improved. Picking up wins against Fsid3, Ancient, and YP along the way in convincing fashion.

E-frag have been in their typical form, some good results and some bad ones. They lost as they always do to Fsid3, beat YP, and had some strange games against Nostalgie. They still have a pretty good record against the PF boys, and have taken them in 4 out of the last 5 maps. These were of course without SKYTTEN so that might have an impact on the game today.

Honestly the odds on CSGL right now are about right.Perhaps ORGLESS need a little bit more. For right now, I would just play the odds and go LOW on Orgless, as I feel they are a slightly better side with SKYTTEN, and all their games before were close ones. If ORGLESS move above 50%, I would go on E-frag.

My odds for this match: 55:45 Orgless


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