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SEE Championships

Best Of 1
2015/11/28 10:04 UTC

No Winner Announced

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E-Frag vs. Revolt at SEE Championships

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at E-frag facing off against Revolte. It is a best of 3* and the maps are TBA. This match is important for both of the teams. It is the upper-bracket semi-final for ESL South east Europe LAN event. The first place of this event will get 1500,00

*Note on the official website of ESL it says the match is a best of 1. I will predict for a best of 1

This match should favor E-frag. They should just be the better team here. They’ve had better teams against them which they won. However in a best of 1 in can still go either way.

Revolte is a team not older then a month. Due this they are really hard to predict. They got Barcode who might be one of the best players of Revolte. Revolte’s line-up is not bad at all but i think they are just to new at the moment. Going on LAN with a new team doesn’t work most of the time.

If E-frag give Revolte a chance to win they might take it. However i believe E-frag will not let walk over them. They should be the better team and i am sure they want to stay in the upper-bracket.

The odds are really screwed at the moment. They might go a bit more even but i don’t think it will get in a good shape. For this bet i actually recommend a skip. We don’t know 100% sure of the match is best of 1 or best of 3. If the match is best of 3 it would be worth it going on E-frag otherwise just don’t spend your skins on it. If the odds stay in heavy favor for E-frag an ICB on Revolte might be the best thing to do. If your inventory can handle a slight loss you could bet on E-frag without any problems.

In short : Skip since odds are screwed. If you can handle to lose some stuff go low on E-frag otherwise go ICB on Revolte.


My odds for this match: 70:30 Revolt


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