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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/23 22:45 UTC

No Winner Announced
SK Gaming
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SK Gaming

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E-Frag vs. SK at Counter Pit League Predictions


As of recent, E-Frag has really been quite disappointing to say the least. They just now, like an hour ago just barely scraped a win vs LDLCWhite, 16:14 which I mean, LDLCWhite is decent but come on. Their results recently are really, really poor however, it is E-Frag and their consistency is not their brightest aspect. I kinda dislike how at any moment this team can become godly, or just full bot mode, however if recent form is anything to go off by, they should struggle here. SK has been playing quite well recently, we have not seen them too often, however when we do see them play, it’s been pleasing to say the least. This is a BO2, which means if it ends in a 1-1, your skins are returned so I reckon surely SK grabs up at least one map here. Last time these two faced off with eachother, E-Frag demolished SK, however different roster for SK and that was quite some time ago, things have kinda changed since then. I do feel if E-Frag continue the trend of their poor form, they are in for a real wake up call here. SK just has to land their shots and just keep up their form really here. 68-32 in favor of SK here, keeping in mind it is a BO2.


5% on SK here as long as they are below 75%, if they are above it, 2-3% on E-Frag here.

My odds = 68-32 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 5% SK if under 75%, otherwise 2-3% E-Frag

My advice = Same as my bet .

My odds for this match: 32:68 SK Gaming

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AnonAnon Suggests skipping this match

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Side by Side
SK Gaming
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