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2016/04/09 01:00 UTC

Winner Echo Fox

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EchoFox vs. Splyce at ECS

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I’ve been betting against EchoFox in their recent matches and it wasn’t working out for me, they beat Obey, Winterfox and KKona so far, this time I will be going against Echo again so you might want to consider skipping this match. Basically any team with mOE as a player is not gonna work out in my opinion, he’s a streamer and people watch him for his funny personality, but I’m sure he’s not planning on going full time pro because he would have to sacrifice the stream, then we have seangares who is obviously the best in game leader in North America, but he also doesn’t wont to go full time pro anymore which is the main reason of him leaving Cloud9.

Now EchoFox are up against SPLYCE who qualified for MLG Columbus, they did very well on the qualifier and not so great on the major itself, however I feel like the current situation is in favor of SPLYCE, they have been playing together for a while and EchoFox is a fairly new team with a stand in (roca), their chemistry won’t be as good as SPLYCE’s. The results of these two teams make this match hard to predict, EchoFox were playing very bad in ESEA Premier while SPLYCE were doing fine overall but had a rough time beating weaker teams in the recent time.

I’m personally going with SPLYCE here and would suggest doing the same, you might think it is a bad idea, but in reality SPLYCE is a better team and should have an edge here.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 40:60 Splyce

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Pretty hard to call game to be honest. Echo fox on paper, have some really strong players. They have a lot of fire power in ryx and roca, a lot of experience in sgares, and the supporting cast isn’t bad either. They have not really played many games with Roca, in fact the only one I’ve seen so far, was their close win against Kkona, 16-12 16-14. Kkona should have taken a map, and if they can manage too, then Splyce for sure can. Splyce have been with a stable 5 for a long time, and although their level is weaker, and more inconsistent, they should really have a stronger map pool, and that gives them an advantage in this game. Echo fox have mainly tried to play Mirage, or D2, but also looked good on inferno. If Splyce elim one of these maps, we have really not seen Echo fox on Cache, Cobble or Overpass. The individual skill is higher on Echo, but the team dynamic of Splyce is for sure better. In my eyes a 50-50 game, and I will make a LOW and risky bet on Splyce.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 50:50 Splyce

Option 2Bet Echo Fox if odds 50% or less
Echo Fox

Small (5%)

high risk


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