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2016/03/21 19:00 UTC

Winner Empire

Empire vs. AGG at Starseries

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Ok this is a tricky one actually given that it is a BO1. Empire are actually a very decent team when on form, do not count them out here. They do however have a major setback here given that CyberFocus is not playing and some Dave will standin, he isn’t very good and CyberFocus will definitely be missed. Another problem right now for Empire is the fact that I am watching AGG right now as I am writing this and AGG is looking super, super hot. If AGG continue their form here, EMpire will have to bring something exceptional with a standin which is hard to see, however not impossible. These two actually played Cobble between eachother a week or so ago, and AGG won it 16:9 which is quite close, Empire had a non existent T side half surprisingly since it was Cobble. Eitherway, BO1 here could turn risky, however you have to favor AGG here. For me this is about 65-35 in favor of AGG considering it is a BO1. Low bets only here as it is a high risk game.


5% AGG if under 70%, otherwise 2% Empire

My odds = 65-35 AGG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% AGG if under 70%, otherwise 2% Empire

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Empire 35:65 AGG

Option 1Bet AGG if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Close BO1 here between the in form AGG and the decent CIS side Empire. This is a game that heavily favours AGG, but with this being a BO1, betting on a side with odds this high, is just not worth it. 79% on AGG is far too high for an inconsistent Polish side. Yes they looked good yesterday, but for the most part in recent times, their results has been really shaky. They can have really poor CT sides, and although they looked good against Ence, this is still a BO1, against an Empire side who can do some damage. With the odds being how they are right now, the only thing you can really do is ICB/LOW on Empire. I would only do a really LOW bet, not your usual 5%. This is also not the type of bet to make if you are trying to build a bank, only if you can afford to risk some.

My odds for this match: Empire 30:70 AGG

Option 1Bet AGG if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

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