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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/23 18:00 UTC

Winner CW

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Empire vs. CW at Operation Kinguin

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CW with their main roster back together for the first time since gla1ves collapsed lung and this should be a good game. I am sure they will feel good and be motivated to play together as they have been struggling of late without their IGL present, being highlighted by their recent results.

Empire have also been showing some up and down games, highlighted by their really poor loss against BD yesterday, which I did not expect. They have incredibly inconsistent players, who can be really amazing one game, and then really poor the next. This game could either be really close, or a convincing win for CW, largely depending on what I wrote above.

Empire actually beat the full roster of CW in a BO1 16-14 pretty recently, which was a good win for them, but an incredibly close BO1 is not enough to go by to judge how these two sides will match up. Because CW are playing with their main 5, and because of the fragging ability of PERCY, smF and Snappi, I would have to give the edge slightly to CW and would suggest going LOW on them if they stayed below 65%.

My odds for this match: Empire 40:60 CW


Ok so a really high risk game here. This will be the first time we will see Gla1ve and Hunden play for CPH.Wolves in about two weeks now. I’m not quite sure why Hunden was not playing, however Gla1ve was hospitalized due to a collapsed lung. Now, this possibly means that two of the players may be rusty here, therefor not perform to their greatest of standards. Hunden doesn’t necessarily have to perform too good, however I am concerned about Gla1ve here. These two have played eachother before, about a month ago, ended 16:14 to Empire on Mirage where the full rosters played. Now I do favor CPH here, I feel like they should be winning, however due to Hunden not playing in two weeks and Gla1ve, I favor them a bit less here. Empire is a decent side, they have potential I reckon, however eh, they don’t show up often. CPH definitely has been packing better results as of recent, however eh, this match just doesn’t feel right. 60-40 for CPH here.


Honestly, just skip this. The odds are too fair and due to the problems within, well not problems but the inactivity within the CPH roster, this just screams a skip for me. A lot of better matches today, this is not worth it.

My odds = 60-40 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip


My odds for this match: Empire 40:60 CW


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