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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/03/31 21:01 UTC

Winner Ence

Ence vs. AGG at Operation Kinguin

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Wanna keep this one short; The winner of this match will end 2nd in the group, the loser will be OUT of the Kinguin League. Kinguin is a league with a 20k prizepool so that surely isn’t bad. AGG just now completely stomped Planetkey in a BO3 with 16-1 and 16-8 scorelines, they look on point today so Ence most definitely have to step up here. Ence recently … I’ve said it multiple times and I don’t really want to say it again but, they’re going downhill. The team I had high expectations of seem to just be getting worse and worse, they are IMO a tier3 team max and can’t seem to compete against tier2 teams. If Ence win this, then they prove me wrong but I honestly doubt it. I expect AGG to win this one just like the other 2 BO3’s these two teams played (2x 2-0 in favour of AGG). Make sure to not bet too high as AGG are still a scary team to bet on.

My odds for this match: Ence 20:80 AGG


So pretty sure Natu is playing here once again instead of Allu, and that is a pretty big miss, don’t quote me on him playing tho, nothing is official as far as I am aware, it’s just what has been happening the past two games and HLTV suggests. Overall Ence are in a really bad spot at the moment, not performing at all and I am honestly worried for this team, pretty sure there is a roster change, if not a disband coming however we’ll see, definitely can’t continue like this. Ence has been losing to AGG a whole bunch in BO3’s recently, and I do not see much changing here especially since Allu is most likely not playing. Ence has a chance, do not think they deserve less than 20% here, however eh, my hope levels are just not there. Kinguin cup here so neither team will care too much, so not risking skins especially due to the odds. 75-25 AGG, skip this.


Skip this, AGG should win however Ence can fight, this Kinguin cup doesn’t put much motivation in me and for somewhat of a profit need to go medium which is a nono.

My odds = 75-25 AGG

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Ence 25:75 AGG


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