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Asus ROG Tournament

Best Of 3
2016/02/06 16:30 UTC

Winner Ence

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Ence vs. CW at Asus ROG Tournament

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I’m not sure if I’ve analysed these guys before, so I’ll give you my full opinion on them, seeing as they are the Finnish dream team. So to put a long story short, I just don’t see it, I do perhaps believe that these guys can be a somewhat up there tier 2 team, however anything higher I am just not feeling it, I wouldn’t rate these guys higher than teams like Mouz, Dignitas and such, however they do have some good players, and you can not complain about that. With that out of the way, obviously they played SK a few days ago and got absolutely demolished, which I honestly saw coming, of course SK is quite a bit better than CPH here, however something to consider. Also Ence nearly lost to LDLCWhite and dropped a map to Penta, should not convincing so far, however of course they are a new team, so their map pool may not be as deep as we would’ve liked it, and their chemistry is obviously on the low end. I just feel that these guys need time, I am not falling on the hype that they will be gods all of a sudden, or even in the future but that’s me. Eitherway, as long as Ence are on form here, they really should be winning this, they are my favorites going into this game.

CPH Wolves

So obviously the underdogs going into this matchup here, however not by too much I don’t think. CW has some good results under their belt, one that really stands out to me is that upset versus Titan, or well now G2 in the Kato Qualifiers, however was a BO1 so that’s that, they also beat Orgless recently, so they do have some solid results, however I do not think that they are good enough to be consistently able to challenge a team like Ence. They do have some good players in the form of Percy and Snappi, obviously there is Hunden so that’s quite good too, but jokes aside, I’m just not feeling CPH Wolves, perhaps if Percy or Snappi go nuts they can cause damage here, or if Ence just completely lack and game plan at all, then CPH can work with something, but this will be tough for them, especially given that it’s a BO3.


Overall, I am not the biggest hype of Ence and don’t necessarily think that the dream team will be all too much, however this is a game they should be winning. Ence individually are better here and I mean, tactically they have not been together for too long, so the chemistry may be low, but what do I know. CPH has a chance of course, they have shown before that they are a team to be reckoned with, however in a BO3 here, ehh, their players will really have to step up heavy here, which I do not necessarily see happening. For me this is a 65-35 in favor of Ence, I am just not confident enough in Ence nor seen enough of them to be more convinced, so I am approaching with care here, and advise doing the same.


Going to play the odds here given it’s a high risk game. As long as Ence are below 72%, I will drop 5% on them here, however if they are above, I’ll consider going 2-3% on CPH in the hopes of an upset, and honestly I would not put it far past them, but ehh. Recommend doing the same here, Ence should be winning but you never know, high risk game so low bets only please.

My odds = 65-35 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Ence if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% CPH.

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: Ence 65:35 CW

Ence have actually looked impressive online, and a little shaky off. They had 2 close games so far at this event, and lost really badly to SK in a game that I didn’t expect. I also know that 4 of the Ence boys played at an iseries event in the UK not so long ago, and were grouped by average UK sides that they clearly underestimated. They obviously suffer a little at LAN, and are still finding their feet which is surprising as they have an awful lot of experience.

CPH started slowly yesterday but when they got rolling they destroyed RCTIC to be honest, in a very impressive fashion. They have a lot of skill in Snappi, and HUNDEN although not the best player, seems to get the best out of them. They have a well balanced roster and have improved an awful lot in a short period of time.

To me the real odds for this game are 60-40 for Ence as I just feel the skill ceiling and experience in their roster is a bit more than that of CPH. If the boys from Ence go off, then I think they will be able to take this game but it will be incredibly close. As the odds are currently 65-35 I am in the mood to have a cheeky underdog and go LOW on CPH. This is not a bank building bet, so don’t follow unless you have substantial bank roll. I feel like CPH have a chance and will be taking advantage of the odds.

My odds for this match: Ence 60:40 CW


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