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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/16 18:00 UTC

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Ence vs. Orgless at Counter Pit League

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So obviously the Finnish dream team right here, that has been structured together still kinda recently. Honestly I do think that some people overhype this team way too much, sure they have some really good players on that team, and they do have the potential to be quite a decent tier 2 team, however that’s about it. In my books I do not necessarily see how these guys will be above your Dignitas’ and your Mouse’s and your Gamers2’s and what not, however yeah, they are decent and obviously my favorites going into this game. We saw this team enter the scene with a bang, crushing Method and what not, then they kinda cooled down, had some disappointing losses however they do seem to be back on track now, their form definitely suggests it, taking down teams like DenDD yesterday 2-1, defeating YP, Torpedo and what not. For me this team is just too new and inconsistent right now to really put too much behind them, their map pool is not the best by any means, nor is their chemistry I do not reckon, they are still in their youth stage, so we just got to have patience in them. In a BO2, Ence really should not be losing 2-0 here, as long as their players are performing and what not, however lets not get too cocky here.


So Orgless announced just recently that they are replacing Tabu with Skytten here. Of course Skytten. is most recently remembered due to his team in the Kinguin lineup about 7 or so months ago now, but obviously got cut due to the team having others plans or whatever. To me he is not the best of players, fragging wise at least but I mean, got to give him a chance and lets see what he can do here. By no means is he terrible, he most likely can stand his ground here however ehh, nothing out of this world I do not think. The thing about Orgless, right now the have two Hungarians, two Swedes and a Dane. Now don’t take my word for it, however pretty sure those countries all speak a different language, sure might be similar, however still different. I’ve no idea if they can all speak a mutual language fluently or how they call, however it’s strange seeing that, and there is always a chance that their comms are off, apparently in top level CSGO communication matters, I am not the best person to ask that about, all I’ve learned is that my ”Rush B no stop” tactics work on matchmaking, simple and straight to the point. Orlgess’ form has not been the best at all either, they have recently been crushed by FM Esports which stands out quite a bit, destroyed by Torpedo, they did however have a good performance vs CPH.Wolves, however they had two standins. With Orgless teams it usually goes two ways, pretty obviously, they either try really hard to try and attract an organisation or they simply do not care as much, do not practice as much hence they’ve got nobody to represent. Their results are poor which could suggest that, however then they also picked up Skytten, why pickup a player if you aren’t taking things seriously, I don’t know.


Overall with Ence it is always tricky right now, never know if they will show up or not. However given that this is a BO2, if it ends 1-1, your skins are returned, I do reckon that they should be able to take at least 1 map here, at worst. Orgless seem a bit lost at the moment, and while they do have the skill required to upset Ence here, two maps back to back seems a bit unlikely, but I’m not excluding them. Think this has more to do with whether or not Ence shows up here, they’ve got some really good players when on form, however them off form really seems to bring Ence down. For me this is a 65-35 or so, considering this is a BO2. High risk game mainly due to the fact that once again, Skytten new addition, not quite sure what to expect from him, and also just the fact that Ence has been so up and down for me recently, don’t want to risk anything higher than a low bet here.


Simply going to play the odds here. If it ends in a 1-1, skins are returned so adds a cushion of safety. As long as Ence is below 72%, I will drop 5% on them, otherwise if they are above it, 2-3% on Orgless here. If you really wanted to risk it, you could go medium on Ence if the odds stay good, however personally I just do not have confidence in them here, not high confidence at least, something about this team I do not feel good about.

My odds  = 65-35 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Ence if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% Orgless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Ence 65:35 Orgless

Ence are quite a hard team to predict. They seem to be over their honeymoon period and seem to be struggling. Taking their game yesterday against DenDD would of helped, but they lost a really poor game against CG the night before. I do think Ence are good for at least 1 map here however.

The orgless boys did well against CW, but they did have issues with their roster, which obviously affected their game, and Percy’s PC issues cost them their game against Torpedo, so it is hard to know exactly how impressive that performance was or not. SKYTTEN seems to be a good pickup though, and his IGL calling and experience will help that side a lot.

With this being a BO2, the team more likely to take 2 maps is the best bet, and that for me right now is Ence, but if they move too close to 70%, I would honestly SKIP this game as their inconsistency worries me sometimes. Go LOW on Ence at these odds, but the most likely outcome will be 1-1, which at least gets your skins back. Picking Ence to take at least 1 map on Fanobet seems a good shout too.

My odds for this match: Ence 65:35 Orgless


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