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2016/02/10 20:00 UTC

Winner Ence

Ence vs. YP at CEVO

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Think this game will come down largely to which YP decides to play today. The one that rapes everyone online, or the one that throws and is terrible. If it is the first one, then this could be a really interesting game. Ence didn’t seem on point since they returned from LAN, and they seem to have one good game and then one really bad one. Their map pool still needs some work, and their players are inconsistent. They should of beaten LDLC and they should of beaten Torpedo as well. They are the types of games they should be closing out.

YP when they are on point are not far off these sides that beat Ence convincingly, and their results against CSGL and Ancients were very impressive. Some people question the legitimacy of their side, and DavCost does have a bad past with cheating accusations, including a faceit ban for an old demo. They have some strong maps, but will need to make sure they have a good veto today to stand a chance.

With Ence being inconsistent, and YP being gods some games, with YP currently sitting at 44% odds, I would say the best idea is to go LOW on YP on CSGL, and if you want a safer bet, YP to win at least 1 map on Fanobet would be another good option.

My odds for this match: Ence 55:45 YP

Since this is a skip, going to keep it shorter



You know when you watch DaZeD stream FPL, the good old quote ”What am I supposed to do!” comes to mind when I look at this match. Ence is supposed to be this big up and coming Finnish dream team, and while they might be a Finnish dream team, not exactly sure how good this is. They’ve shown stints of good performances, however shown more lackluster performance if anything, overall, yet to see anything that truly impresses me from these guys. Meanwhile, YouPorn, holy hell boys. So obviously been on kind of a tear recently, beating CSGL, Ancient, granted two inconsistent teams, however that is still an accomplishment, especially since they 16:0’d Ancient on Mirage, but then a few days ago they got defeated by RCTIC….like what am I supposed to think? They are literally making it seem that they toggle hard matches, throw easy matches themselves. Overall, this match just comes down as a bad, bad bet. Going to be skipping this and recommend doing the same. I’d favor Ence but yeah, ever so slightly. 60-40 Ence


Skipping this, really just isn’t worth it here. Strongly recommend skipping.

My odds = 60-40 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip


My odds for this match: Ence 60:40 YP


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