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GameOn KoH

Best Of 5
2016/02/03 18:00 UTC

Winner RCTIC
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Enigma vs. RCTIC at GameOn KoH Predictions

I honestly hand on my heart don’t really know anything about these Enigma players. They are a newly formed side, and from looking at their website, they have played in a few tournaments. At the end of last year they came 9-16th in a GO4CS Cup, as well as 9-16th in the qualifier for a Major. Apart from that, their results seem scarce.

RCTIC won against Publiclir in a game I some what expected, but it was close. They are a decent side, but can suffer from a weak map pool and inconsistent players. Overall though, sAw is a really good player, and he caries them sometimes. Twista is a good fragger as well, and will typically run in and kill 1-2 and die hence his stats not being the best, but his kills always high. RCTIC had a really poor loss against Nevermind, and with their opponent only having 15% odds, a lot of people seem to question this game.

That is again the main problem with this one. The winner only receives $500. They would actually make more money if they lost this game on purpose and that is the main question to ask yourselves. On paper, if RCTIC take this game seriously, they SHOULD take this comfortably, and if they decide to lose then obviously the smarter bet is Enigma. I will predict this game as a win for RCTIC as that is the most logical outcome, but remember if RCTIC lose this, it will confirm what type of team they are and we should all remember this going forward.

My odds for this match: Enigma 30:70 RCTIC

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