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2016/03/21 18:00 UTC

Winner ATN

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Enso vs. ATN at Starseries

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I’m not really sure how did teams like Enso and eXplosive make it to this qualifier, the other teams are way better than these two and there are definitely better teams that could get invited instead, I’d also like to see best of three matches instead of random best of one’s, would be way easier and I would straight up go with Alternate in a longer series, now I have some doubts as Enso managed to beat FM eSports quite convincingly in their last match, however Alternate are way better than FM and I don’t think they could lose to Enso in such a important qualifier.

Let’s take a look at the recent results of these two teams, Alternate are obviously looking better, they managed to beat Torpedo, DenDD, Orgless and few weaker teams, Enso played only two matches with their current lineup, they got absolutely demolished by Empire but managed to beat FM eSports with two very convicing scores, they don’t seem to be that bad but Alternate are the clear favorites and should be able to win here.

My odds for this match: Enso 30:70 ATN

Option 1Bet ATN if odds 80% or less

Small (5%)

medium risk

Another BO1 for the Starseries, this one feels fairly easy. Enso lost their best player liTTle but did get two decent players back for it, the thing is that neither one of these players are as consistent as liTTle who was someone who could carry Enso to an upset against tier3/2 teams. Ever since liTTle left and these two guys joined, they haven’t really been looking as good.

Alternate also seem rather shaky, the team who could have been top2 in Germany easily seems to be giving it away to Penta, they have been performing rather bad lately but in the end, they always seem fairly consistent against lower tier teams. They still have an amazing line-up and when on point, a tier2 team easily.

Another BO1 but I think that Alternate should just have this one. I think that liTTle leaving Enso is too big of a loss and this might hurt them a lot, especially against better teams such as Alternate. Like I said, Alternate always seem consistent against lower tier teams so I expect them to take this one.

My odds for this match: Enso 25:75 ATN

Option 1Bet ATN if odds 80% or less

Medium (8%)

high risk


A matchup here that should be going in the favor of ATN here, however the fact that these are BO1’s really make it a hard time really. If this was a BO3 I’d go medium here, however once again, BO1 is just not something I am a fan of and can be really random at times. ATN when on form can be really, really deadly. They have the players go be a solid tier 2 team however they have to show more consistency in their play and learn to not overly rely on their star players all the time to win them games, whenever they have a bad game ATN struggle. I don’t think that ATN should struggle too much vs Enso, Enso is kinda meh right now, I don’t rate them what so ever however they aren’t horrible. Not much else to really blabble on about here, ATN should be winning this as long as their players are on form, however I would not bother going above 5% on this due to it being a BO1. 75-25 in favor of ATN.


5% ATN if under 80%, otherwise skip/ICB Enso.

My odds = 75-25 ATN

My risk = High, BO1 like this meh

My bet = 5% ATN if under 80%, otherwise ICB/Skip Enso

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Enso 25:75 ATN

Option 1Bet ATN if odds 80% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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