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2016/03/27 18:00 UTC

Winner CW

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Enso vs. CW at Starladder

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Enso seems not to be that bad at all, they beat eXtatus in a BO3, I was quite impressed by this as eXtatus themself aren’t bad, some of their players come from nEophyte who weren’t that bad of a team, Enso winning this was a pretty big upset to me and they’ve proven me where they’re capable of. CPH just got back from a depressing lan as they couldn’t get past Publiclir, they got stomped 2-0 and looked extremely bad, a match they should have won easily but sadly got stomped. I learned something from CPH though, they are extremely bad against lower tier teams and tend to get upset quite easily, but when teams are on the same tier or even higher than them, they play like gods and even manage to get wins. I wouldn’t bet on CPH here as I don’t trust them against lower tier teams, either ICB Enso here or skip!

My odds for this match: Enso 35:65 CW


BO1 between these two is pretty meh. This is one that favors CPH a bit however they are obviously returning from a LAN just a day or two ago, however the LAN was in Copenhagen and the players are all Danish so that is that, however they might be tired and what not, so keep that in mind. Whenever I watch Enso play it’s like they are the gods of clutches and coming back into the round from being down a high disadvantage, like they just grind out those 4v2’s, 5v3’s and what not, it’s really annoying if you bet against them. They shown that they are able to hang with good teams however, so credit where it is due so defintiely not counting them out here. Both teams should take this one quite serious as it is Starladder. Overall, 70-30 in favor of CPH, would expect them to win however with troubles, so play the odds with a low bet here.


5% CPH if below 75%, otherwise 2% Enso

My odds = 70-30 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = 5% CPH if below 75%, otherwise 2% Enso

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Enso 30:70 CW

Option 1Bet CW if odds 75% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

CPH lost in a BO1 match against LDLC blue the other day, have since gone to LAN where they also didn’t do the best, and now have to play a BO1 against a CIS side that are not THAT bad, in a tournament that CIS sides try their hardest in, when they have almost 75% odds for a BO1. Yeah, I am not betting on them at these odds, and neither should you. I do expect CPH to win this, they are by far the better side, but this being a BO1, it is far too risky to bet on CPH. If they have a bad pistol round, start on T side for a CT biased map, anything is possible. Drop 1% on Enso, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Enso 30:70 CW

Option 1Bet CW if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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