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2016/03/03 20:05 UTC


EnVyUs vs. E-Frag at IEM

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Should be one of those games where Envy just run around on Cache and win easily, popping heads and making it look easy. I say should, because they can be unpredictable sometimes. I hope by this point in the day they will be completely warmed up, focused on the games and have a few wins under their belt. I feel like this is a game they will see as one for buffing their stats, and that’s all it should be. The way E-frag plays, mirrors that of Envy, but in a lesser fashion, and when 2 sides meet with similar styles, the better players should mostly come out on top, and this will in my eyes for sure be Envy. MED on them or SKIP.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 70:30


  • Dust2: 60-40  E-Frag
  • Inferno: 65-45 EnVyUs
  • Mirage: 70-30 EnVyUs
  • Cache: 65-35 EnVyUs
  • Train: 60-40 EnVyUs
  • Overpass: 60-40 E-Frag
  • Cobblestone: 60-40 EnVyUs


EnVyUs have two bans, all they have to do (as usual) is ban Dust2 and Overpass, all the remaining 5 maps are maps that favour them. E-Frag aren’t bad, it’s a BO1 so they can surely do some work but I won’t really give them that much of a chance on 5 remainig maps. Should be a win in favour of EnVyUs.

Medium (10%) on EnVyUs

EDIT: Nothing on the line for both teams here, way too scary. I’m staying away from this and I suggest you to do the same!

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 70:30


Envyus with LAN BO1’S is a bad, bad memory for most bettors. They have actually lost to E-Frag twice in BO1’s before on LAN, so keep that in mind, quite some time ago however has happened. Ahm Envy should really be taking this without much of a problem, however it is Envy and you can not really trust them all the time, their inconsistencies are wow. E-Frag are a decent side, they should not be consistently winning this, however they have good players in that team, and if they are all firing their shots, they can put up a good challenge here, however Envy should be just too much for them here. As long as Envy is playing to their usual here, they should be able to take it. Not much else to say, 75-25 in favor of Envy, be careful here as E-Frag aren’t that bad here.


10% Envy if under 82%, otherwise skip/ICB E-Frag

My odds = 75-25  Envy

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Envy if under 82%, otherwise skip/ICB E-Frag

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 75:25


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