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AlienTech European Cup

Best Of 3
2015/12/29 23:35 UTC

Winner mixcat

Epiphany vs. mixcat at AlienTech European Cup

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Epiphany Bolt

Hiffer has recently signed a contract to join this team, and prior to this signing, he had been playing a lot with this lineup and this lineup right here will be the lineup that Epiphany Bolt will use going into 2016. So far up into this league, they have won against the likes of the Playing Ducks and AlienTech and have had just one loss to the other Finnish team in this competition, RCTIC. For the most part, this team is showing a lot of potential but only time will tell us how good they actually are working together.


Fan favorite Finnish player, jOELZ will be playing instead of CISU for this match according to the HLTV expected lineup. This is great news for the team is he decides to play seriously. He has been known in the past to play poorly in matches which don’t matter too much, but don’t get me wrong here, jOELZ is an insanely good player who is showing a lot of potential. This league is an all online league IIRC, so there is no LAN portion so I are think jOELZ will do well in this match.

Final thoughts and advice
My personal odds for this match is 70-30 favoring mixcat here because of jOELZ, however I will be skipping this. It has been a little while since we have seen him play but he will be the sole decider of the outcome of this match. If he is in his usual form, then it’ll be a beating for Epiphany Bolt. If not, then it is a more even matchup, because these teams are fairly similar in the skill level department.

My odds for this match: Epiphany 30:70 mixcat

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