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2016/03/08 18:14 UTC

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Epsilon vs. SpaceS at Rising Stars Predictions

Epsilon have now signed CG aka the Cringe Gods. We all know this team and they are just hella impressive. The players on this team are; draken, mOkEn, REZ, freddieb, disco doplan. IMO this team could be tier2 easily and might already be, they now got signed by a good org and can make the good old Epsilon org a tier2 again especially with this line-up. This line-up had some really impressive results against teams such as Ence, Penta, LDLC White, E-Frag and Hellraisers and these teams are all considered tier2. All in all, a Swedish team with a lot of potential of becoming a really good tier2 team.

SpaceS seem completely off. Exactly one year ago they were that one team with ”VACTARES” and were always able to upset against tier2/3 teams but recently this team just hasn’t been showing up. They look extremely bad and Xantares just seems to be slumping for a while now as they rely on him. They literally used to be a top tier3 team but as of now they just look rather shaky.

A match between a team who are improving a lot and a team who seem to be somewhat slumping and not having their form. IMO Epsilon are simply the better team and even though it is a BO1 I expect them to take this one. SpaceS’s form just worries me whereas Epsilons form looks promising. I suggest a bet on Epsilon, the odds on Lounge are 52-48 in favour of Epsilon right now so that should be a really good bet.

Low (5%) on Epsilon when -70% for Epsilon | Skip when +70%

My odds for this match: Epsilon 65:35 Space Soldiers

Two sides I would consider to be onliners coming face to face here. Epsilon did not impress me THAT much at the recent LAN they went too, and had terrible CT sides, especially on Mirage and threw a crazy lead that I am too depressed about to remember in detail. They still have quite a scary roster however, if they are on point, disco doplan and draken especially can really give SS a hard time.

The Turkish side have looked off their game lately, and XANTARES will really need to be on point this game if they are to have a chance. We have not seen this side play for a while actually, with their last result being a loss to basically a mix team of Penta. It was a poor performance and they need to have worked on things by now to stand a chance.

Both teams do have weak map pools and calling this game is hard. Purely because the game is online and Epsilon have a few more players capable of carrying in a BO1, I would suggest going LOW on Epsilon, but it is a hard call to make and the game could, depending on the map, go either way.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 55:45 Space Soldiers

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