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2015/08/21 15:20 UTC

Winner CLG


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CLG vs. eB @ESL

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CLG vs eBettle [ESL]

— With CLG being a runner up for being the “NA Hope” after Cloud 9, this team hasn’t been the same ever since last year when they had dropped Ptr out of the team back in February. Although they haven’t been doing as well, this current team somehow manages to do extremely well against EU teams such as EnVyUs (for an NA team).

Maybe being used to expecting what they need from EnVyUs, they somehow manage to make their games extremely close during LANs but then again being insufficient during Online games, but that’s for another time. CLG against NiP was extremely satisfying for my inner patriot rooting for the NA teams.

CLG has been performing extremely well recently with their team cooperation, seeing them trade frags and exchanging rounds with NiP, which was passing my expectations for CLG. CLG has a good inner team cooperation, meaning that they’ll be able to out play eBettle in terms of strategies with some great plans coming from CLG, although it may be that CLG just pulled a surprise card on eBettle, bringing up “saved strats” for this major, which wouldn’t be surprising.

Compared to eBettle, the raw skill coming form CLG is comparable to eBettle, although being just slightly better but JDM and Tarik’s AWPing has been great during the LAN (for an NA team).

For now, CLG has great potential coming into this match and should be meeting expectations.

— eBettle played at an expected level today, and by that I mean being completely ravaged by the #1 team in the world, Fnatic. We didn’t get to see much from eBettle as they’re plans and strats have just been completely shut down from Fnatic’s genius players, so eBettle is still a bit anonymous when it comes to pushes and plays.

Although, being a team that has managed to be eligible to be in this major, I can’t see them performing well against a team such as CLG. Although, eBettle can pull something different they’ve been “saving” I doubt it’ll be enough to take 16 rounds from CLG.

— With great results coming from CLG then eBettle being steam rolled by Fnatic, it’s hard to call but we’ll be going with CLG for this one.

Bet: Med CLG

My odds for this match: CLG 70:30 eBettle

Yes CLG is the obvious favorite here but i seriously believe that eB got a shot at this if they play as good as they did like in the qualifier.

To sum up both teams matches so far,

CLG: Close match against NiP but NiP got whitewashed 1 match after by TSM. NiP looked pretty weak if you asked me, especially friberg and allu.

Ebettle: Well they got totally raped, but lets be honest, if Fnatic got a good day like yesterday they dont have problems to own any team team just like they did with NaVi a few hours later.

I think ebettle is a team which showed some promising strategies but they are hard to execute when you play against fnatic which doesnt respect you at all and push you all the time. They have some great aimers with peet any hyper and i think when its about aim and inidviduall skill they can keep up with CLG. When it comes to strategies obviously CLG is ahead because the core of the team has been together since years.

This is a HIGH RISK – HIGH REWARD MATCH but i personally believe its right now the best underdog bet so far today.

Best of luck guys !

My odds for this match: CLG 60:40 eBettle


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