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2015/08/22 11:55 UTC

Winner EnVyUs


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EnVyUs vs. Na’Vi @ESL

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Navi vs Envy, oooh this will be a cracker. Envy you would have to say have for sure looked the better of the two sides so far, but they still showed vs LG that they can be beaten, as honestly they were lucky to get through this game. The recent recruiting of kennyS and apex has seemed to help define rolls within the team, you now always see kenny AWP and apex at the front of pushes. That’s not to say they are perfect. They are still overly aggressive, still try to force buy all the time which leads to games being closer than they should.

Now looking at Navi. They really struggled against CLG and Titan and honestly are lucky to be this far in. They got totally destroyed by Fnatic, and were made to look very average. They got out played, out aimed, out pretty much everythinged. The thing with Navi is, you never know. They might come on tomorrow, and be hitting all their shots, GuardiaN might be on fire, and they might show everyone why they are one of the best sides around.

Right now though, honestly I am just not feeling it with them. I think Envy will take this game, and secure their spot in the semi finals. They look the better of the two sides, and have more players in form than Navi. Looking at the odds on CSGL though, and we see Envy on 74% which is just crazy. These are both top T1 sides, and games between them will always be close. With this being a BO3, the chance for freak results is limited, and who plays the best on the day will take it. With the odds being as they are right now, although I think Envy will take it, you would be mad to bet on it, and you should go LOW/ICB on Navi, or SKIP

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 60:40 Na’Vi

First iam always a bit biased towards Navi, so you can read my prediction and the ones from others if you believe iam to biased.

Envy looked strong the last couple of weeks, but dont forget they nearly lost vs LG on cobble.
One of their magical timeouts saved them like so often already.
Navi on the other hand looked quite shaky all weekend long, but they are known to step up their game once it goes into bo3.

Why is A small bet on Navi the right bet in my eyes? Well Envy is a new team, they strategies are by far not as deep as the ones from Navi even when the players from Envy are slightly better.
The map pool from Navi is pretty strong, the only 2 maps they dont like to play are cache and train, they will feel comfortable on all other maps.
Envy will most likely look to veto mirage and overpass.

D2, Inferno and cobble are decent maps for navi and envy, it would not surprise me if we see at least 2 out of this 3 maps.

Best of luck and enjoy the matches =)

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 60:40 Na’Vi


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