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2015/08/21 18:23 UTC

Winner Renegades


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Renegades vs. Titan @ESL

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Renegades vs Titan

— Renegades just came a game that went well for Renegades for a team such as them. Renegades pulled 11 rounds out of TSM’s hands, which is exceptionally well especially against a team such as TSM, arguably being one of the top 3 in the world. Renegades is here, stronger and coming in hot with different strats.

Renegades came in with some different things such as a new way of pushing, being a delayed play style along with some smokes that were well placed. Although, being the team that TSM is, Renegades were read like a book during the later half of the game, being shut down after being seen through like a window on a wall. Renegades could possibly still have their wild card push strat coming from them unless Maniac from Titan is able to see through this early on and take out Renegades, and this is likely to happen mid game. Renegades still has a chance to change something up easily by changing times of pushing into a site but I’d still see Renegades pull the same strategies they pulled during the first day in this major especially since it worked fairly well against a team such as TSM.
For now, Renegades has a reworked strategy that could either go hard or flop against Titan and it’s extremely odd.

— On the other hand, Titan came here with a very well managed team against Na’Vi that stunned me, especially with the roster on Titan. Although, this could just be Titan’s generally strong start at the start of LANs and Majors, but we’ll get into that later.
Titan came with Maniac being an outstanding IGl for Titan against Na’Vi, especially on Overpass, a map known for being one of Na’Vi’s favorite maps. With the team changing performance changing extremely well for a team such as Titan after having a nice entry frag (Apex) and the world’s “best” AWPer (kennyS) leaving the team, they still hold up very well for the type of team they’ve changed into. SmithZz being seen on AWPing occasionally has been a nice change up as Shox becomes a great rifler, this has definitely puts up something fresh for Titan.

The change has been seen through their in game performance. CT side performance has been slightly more positive although T side performance has been dropping in success after losing kennyS. Having no AWPer to take control of general parts of the maps easily has put a toll on pushes and strats, so they’ll be relying hard on shox to be entrying extremely well for the team. This would mean that shox is the new carry of the team, so that’ll be a definite strain and stress on Shox’s performance and mind in game, this should be game changing for him as he has never been an official “carry” during his days on EnVyUs so this is completely new to him.
With shox being deemed the new “carry” and the amazingly different shot calling from Maniac, Titan should be able to be a good contender against Renegades for this game.


— With Renegades and Titan pulling a new sense of strategies and team plays, Titan should still be able to win this with their great new way of team management working surprisingly well, although this game should be close.

Bet: Low titan

My odds for this match: Renegades 35:65 Titan

This new Titan team had a strong first map taking it to overtime on Overpass against Navi which is normally one of Navis strongest maps, titan in the past normally never plays Overpass thats why i would say this was a pretty good showing. Renegades had to play TSM in their first match and they ended up on train, they had some good rounds but they also did alot of mistakes. I would say renegades have a pretty good chance taking this, since its just to hard to know how good Titan will be on other maps, renegades have been together for along time and they had alot of time preparing for this lan against european teams aswell. The safest would probably be betting on titan but i think this has potential being a good underdog bet.

My odds for this match: Renegades 40:60 Titan


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