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2015/08/22 16:00 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid


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TSM vs. Kinguin @ESL

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Kinguin even tho they beat Cloud9 they have had a shaky lan so far getting destroyed by LG and almost losing to Immunity, they have individually some strong players but they lacking tacticwise thats why i find it hard to believe that they can beat TSM in a bo3. TSM have had two pretty easy matches so far beating both NiP and Renegades and should be able to beat kinguin aswell.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 70:30 Kinguin

The first set of BO3’s are now here thanks to the quarterfinals, and in this match, we have the Danish TSM going against the aim super stars (and international team), Kinguin.

TSM did not participate in today’s elimination matches, because they were ‘fast tracked’ from the group stage to the quarter finals. They won both of their group stage matches, which is why this happened. TSM won against the Renegades on Train, with the score ending at 16-11. Following that, TSM went on to absolutely crush NiP on Cache, winning 16-3. It’s quite remarkable to see TSM beat NiP with that big of a scoreline gap.

Kinguin didn’t get their two group stage wins, but they did pick up at least one win, which meant that they only had to play one match today, and they were in the upper bracket in their group. In total, Kinguin have played 3 matches so far into this LAN, with the most recent match being against Cloud 9 on Dust 2. Kinguin barely won, 16-13 and it was closer than it really should’ve been. Their group stage matches ended up with one loss and one tie, with the win against Immunity on Dust 2 (16-13) and their loss was against the now Brazillian Luminosity Gaming on Overpass, 6-16. Kinguin are in a some what decent form, but it could definitely be better. They have had too many close shaves to say that they are in a consistent good form. The match against Immunity was especially close, considering that Immunity came into this major, not expecting to get too far in.

Overall, I do think that TSM will take this, but I would’ve liked to see more games involving them, so I can make a better judgement. But from what I’ve seen from TSM, they are in decent form, and taking NiP down and only letting go of 3 rounds is pretty impressive. I should also mention that TSM have had a whole day to prepare themselves for Kinguin and to train up, while Kinguin had to play their match today. Kinguin has a small chance of taking this, but I personally think that TSM is just better than Kinguin. TSM have the teamwork on lockdown and they have been together for longer. Their aim may be a little worse than Kinguin, but still. This should be a good game to watch.

If the odds go above 80% for TSM, I’ll probably place a small bet on Kinguin or skip, but if the odds go the other way, I’ll definitely consider placing a chunky bet on TSM.


My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 75:25 Kinguin


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