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2015/08/23 15:55 UTC

Winner Fnatic


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VP vs. Fnatic @ESL

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Virtus Pro
Virtus Pro has been absolutely smashing lately, and it looks like the whole team, with the exception of Pasha, has been on fire lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pasha as much as the next guy, however he is going to need to raise his game is VP want a chance to win this. This will be a big challenge for the Polish boys, as Fnatic is the best team in the world.

Today, we saw VP face off against NiP in the quarter finals. VP won the BO3 with a clean 2-0. The first map was Train, and it went down to the final round before VP managed to clench out the final round and secure the map. The second map was Inferno, and a lot of people, including myself, expected it to be quite close like Train since Inferno is a decent map for NiP. We were wrong. VP unleashed their power and won, with a 16-5 scoreline and won the series, securing their spot here in the semi finals. Was VP playing good, or was NiP just under performing? I personally think that it’s a mixture of both. NiP hasn’t been dominant in the CSGO scene for quite some time and they have lost their spot as a top 2 team. VP have also been playing a bit better than usual, which is a pleasant surprise. It’ll be hard to figure out where VP stand for this game.

Good old Fnatic is coming closer and closer to the finals, where a lot of people expect them to be. The Swedish crew has been topping the leaderboards in a lot of the LANs that they attend, including Dreamhack, GFinity, Dreamhack Summer, ESL ESEA Pro League, and they also did place 2nd in the Fragbit Masters Cup.

Fnatic was put up against LG today, where they also did win 2-0 like VP, but the final map, Mirage went to the final round and had everyone on the edge of their seats. This was very nerveracking and Fnatic probably shouldn’t have let it happen. LG are known to be a great Mirage team, and the map is basically their playground. The first map was Train, and Fnatic won it with a score which a lot of people expected for both maps, 16-5. Fnatic’s current form is not tip top, but they definitely can take themselves to the grand finals.

While I do agree that Fnatic will win, I don’t agree with these current odds. 20-80 is a horrendous figure, and does not allow for a good Fnatic bet. If anything, if these odds stay like this, throwing some small skins on VP would yield you some money.

Personal odds: 35-65/30-70 Fnatic

Winner: Fnatic

Advice: Work with the odds or just don’t bet at all. Current odds are 20-80 and it’s really not right.

My odds for this match: VP 30:70 Fnatic


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