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Uprise Champions Cup

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2016/01/28 17:15 UTC

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Esuba vs. Method at Uprise Champions Cup

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eSuba and Method, both good teams but in individual skill I obviously have to favour Method. They have way more experience and way more ”name” than eSuba do. eSuba never played against a tier2 or tier1 team whereas Method also known as Piter did. eSuba does have some decent players with fredi and MonttY but those are really the players eSuba rely on. Method have 5 skilled players who can topfrag anyday, they won’t rely on 1 certain player. This is, just like the Epsilon vs Epiphany match, a league with a HUGE prizepool for tier3 teams. Both teams will go full tryhard mode and both teams want to win this.


When both teams go full tryhard mode then Method should be able to win this BO1. But that’s only when Method will really try hard and I get the feeling that they definitely will with this prizepool. Method really have a chance at taking one of the prizes as well as the opponents aren’t the best. The only REAL opponents are CPH Wolves and Blojexpressen as these are tier2 but rest of the teams are simply tier3 teams.  I once again think Method will go full tryhard mode and win this BO1, the map shouldn’t exactly matter as Method’s mappool is quite big.


I think a low / medium bet on Method will be wise here. Please do skip when the odds get above 70% as I don’t see it being worth it. low / medium on Method, and pray they will go tryhard mode.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Esuba 35:65 Method

Method are for sure the better side here and go into this game the favourites. I do personally feel though with a game like this you should proceed with caution. Method are just back from a LAN event where they honestly probably hoped to do better than they did. Their game against Arcade was poor and I expected more from them. They had a fairly close game against Gambit, but also could of lost the first map 16-1 if things had been a bit different.

Esuba recently changed their roster and we have yet to really see whether it is improved or not. With fredi and rd0 playing with them their results have been okay. Wins against NeXtP and seven, although nice are not the most impressive. I do think their roster in the long run will be better as fredi seems to be a good player, but their map pool as well will be weak for a while due to this.

Method all have around 75 hours played the last few weeks and it is clear to see from checking their steams they didn’t have a break after the LAN. From what we have seen from eSuba so far is not enough to suggest they have enough yet to take down Method. This is still a BO1, and I don’t like recommending to bet on Piter, but with the real odds being 65-35, and the current odds being 56-44, I would suggest going LOW on Method. We have seen Method losing games like this before so I would recommend not betting until closer to the time as if the odds and bets look weird on this game you should avoid it.

Edit : with the odds 70-30 this game is too risky now to go on method, either ICB on eSuba or SKIP

My odds for this match: Esuba 35:65 Method


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