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Rising Stars

Best Of 1
2016/03/11 20:00 UTC

Winner Esuba

Esuba vs. RCTIC at Rising Stars

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eSuba are now the best slovakian team. They have one Czech player, fredi and he’s the best in the team. Their best maps are cache and dust2, but they have some bad map like Train,Overpass,Cobblestone. On the other maps they can play well. Around a month ago they won D!NGIT $2.000 cup against NextPlease in the final. Last official match was against Method and they lost it 5-16. They’re practicing almost every day but I don’t think it will be enough today.

RCTIC have a nice win streak, they won their last 5 matches against Binary Dragons,BX3,Preparation and Torpedo aswell. Their best players in my opinion are SAGGERTON and sAw. They’re some of the best Finnish players behind only ENCE really. Worst map for them is Overpass and Inferno, their best maps are Train,DD2,Cache and they play pretty decent on Mirage aswell. They have very strong Terrorist side, if its train they CAN win 10 or more round on T side.

This is a BO1 and thats why its high risk, but I don’t think the eSuba can make more than 10 rounds. If its DD2/Train i can say the RCTIC have very big chance. I think the match will be around 16-9 for RCTIC.

Medium (8-10%) on RCTIC


My odds for this match: Esuba 35:65 RCTIC

Option 1Bet RCTIC if odds 70% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk

This could potentially be a good bet depending on the odds. Esuba aren’t a bad team at all, they are perfectly capable of upsetting tier4 teams and some lower tier3 teams, Esuba’s main problem is their mappool, it simply isn’t that good. The only maps they’re good on are Cache and Dust2, all the remaining 5 maps are maps they’re average on and can get beaten on by anyone really.

RCTIC seem on point lately, they’ve beaten multiple top tier3 teams such as Torpedo, Preparation, and a mix of DenDD and Orgless. RCTIC simply look really strong and seem unbeatable.

RCTIC are clearly the better team. It is going to be a BO1 so that might be kind of scary, especially when the map is either Dust2 or Cache, Esuba are able to upset on those but are gonna have to play incredibly good if they want to. Again, RCTIC winning this one is more than likely, but we’re simply going to play the odds here.

My odds for this match: Esuba 30:70 RCTIC

Option 1Bet RCTIC if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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