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RGN Tournament

Best Of 1
2016/01/17 20:00 UTC

Winner Excelling

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Excelling vs. Enervate at RGN Tournament

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This is a lower bracket match, meaning that both Excelling and Enervate are coming into this after losing in their last match.


Excelling is a Swedish team comprised of 5 lower tier Swedish players. The Nilsson playing in this lineup isn’t to be confused with the German niLsson playing in BlueJays at the moment however. Player profiles:

Excelling played in the RGN Intercontinental Open Europe, which offered lower tier teams a prize pool of $1,600. It is a double elimination and a very minor and somewhat insignificant event to the general public. Excelling lost their group stage game against Vination, 0-2 on Overpass and Cache without making much of an impact. From there, they were sent to the lower bracket where they got past a match with a BYE and by luck, they had a FFW against Avenue. Their journey into the league was then ended by the OnlineBots where they lost 9-16 on Cache.

So far into this league, the RGN EUROPEAN OPEN, Excelling lost their initial match which sent them to the lower bracket. They lost against Leisure eSports a week ago, 0-2 and then won their lower bracket round 1 match against a team known as ‘Qualitas Helvetica’. They only just won that match 19-16 on Cache in OT and this is against no namers.


To me, Enervate are looking to be the better team in this scenario. They actually did win their first match (Round of 32) against Sanction.CS but then lost to RIFT Gaming in the Round of 16 1-2. That loss sent them to this match to face off against Excelling.

Something which I should mention, is that the lineup may not be the same as it was for the last game. According to the steam profile of 4/5 players, b0bbzki is no longer playing with this squad. They also have no trace of being called Enervate and are apparently now known as ‘videogam3rs’. Source:

Taken from the steam profile description of preliden and THOUSAND: “
Playing for videogamers (uuDEE, cube, thousand, prelideN, TBA)”.

We have no idea who TBA is and I can’t even make a guess on who it could be.

Final thoughts and advice

Alright. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place making a decision for this match here. On one hand, Excelling seems to be a motivated bunch but aren’t the best team in the world, while on the other hand Enervate/videogam3rs are more skilled but at the same time they also have yet to announce their 5th that they will be playing with from here.

I would bet according to the odds. It is a BO1 for an online RGN match which isn’t trusty at all. I think Enervate will win, personal odds 60-40 favoring them but I would place a low bet on Excelling if the odds do go over. Don’t bet on this match if you’re not comfortable doing so.


My odds for this match: Excelling 40:60 Enervate


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