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2015/12/01 19:00 UTC

Winner eXplosive

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eXplosive vs. LPM at Showmatch

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Coming into this match up, eXplosive are definitely the favorites. They were first announced as a lineup associated with HR, which gave me the impression that this team could possibly be a feeder/farming team. We first saw them play at the CIS LAN, where they were promptly eliminated without passing groups by Enso and YP. Since then, they have played in QuickShot winning against Rufuse and LLL but lost to BX3. Their most recent match was against Team YouPorn, where eXplosive lost 1-2 for Season 4 of the UCC.

Yes, eXplosive are definitely the favorites due to their LAN experience and semi-frequent appearances on the lounge. However, we have to keep in mind this lineup has only been together for a couple of months (previously known as ACG) and there are still kinks and flaws which need to be ironed out.


The LPM players featured on HLTV do not have a match page, which is a good indicator that these guys are either a) new to the CSGO professional scene or they just haven’t played much and are just your average no namers. I did some digging and I couldn’t find too much, however I did find their steam group (with 6 members in it) and also their ESL profiles. I’ll give you one ESL profile and you can expand on that, but I don’t think it will be too useful since they aren’t too active.

Their steam group:

I gave you their steam group to research purposes. Please do not abuse this by spamming their profiles with comments or friend requests. To expand further into this, I would advise that you check the number of hours they have in game in total, the number of hours they have each played the past two weeks and screenshots for any useful information (screenshots of their ranks, how well they do in MM and what not).

Final thoughts and advice

Not confident in betting on this match? Don’t. Betting on T3/4 teams and ESPECIALLY betting on a match with a wildcard team like LPM because we have little information on them. Still, I would think that eXplosive should pick this up.

Note; This is a showmatch.

My bet: $10 on eXplosive if the odds are 70% and under for eXplosive.

My odds for this match: eXplosive 68:32 LPM


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