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UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2015/12/03 16:09 UTC

Winner eXplosive

eXplosive vs. RCTIC at UCC Europe

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While an upset is not un-seeable in this match up it is definitely not what I would call likely. RCTIC outclass eXplosive in pretty much every category: from map pool, to individual player skill, and especially recent results RCTIC trump eXplosive in every way.

Let’s start by looking at these teams strong and weak maps, which is an important factor conisdering this is a BO3. eXplosive have a strong cache and that’s the only map I’d classify them as that on. They also have a decent mirage and dust2, beating and competing with teams like SpaceSoldiers, BX3, and Enso on these maps. Other than that though they do not show much ground. I think the key thing here to point out is that even on these maps they aren’t stellar, they still lose them, like not getting double digits on mirage or Dust2 vs YP last week.
RCTIC on the other hand are much more adept here, they seem to be able to play any map. Beating k1ck on Dust2 and cbbl, Publicir on mirage and cbbl, and KeyD on mirage and train. They can not only play just as well, or simply better, on maps that eXplosive is good on, they can also pull maps out that eXplosive has no experience or no notable results on.

Skillwise, RCTIC’s star is probably xseven, you’ll usually find him up on the leader board. saW is a consistent middle of the pack guy, and Zorgee can go off, and he usually does. Their other two players are no slouches either though. With eXplosive, well they really don’t have anyone that consistent. Smike is one of their better fraggers but even he can be found at the bottom of the leaderboard often times.

With all of this said, the safe bet is for sure on RCTIC. Being a BO3 eXplosive might get one map, but combined with RCTIC’s better map pool and just overall better skill I wouldn’t be surprised if they win this 2-0.

My odds for this match: eXplosive 25:75 RCTIC


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