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Game Show Spring

Best Of 3
2016/03/22 18:00 UTC

Winner Enso

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eXtatus vs. Enso at Game Show Spring

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I have seen both teams play and they seem really close to eachother looking at individual skill, eXtatus has some good players in KAPARZO and frozen and Enso has some good players in krii and millen, these 4 players should make the difference in this H2H match. eXtatus played against RCTIC yesterday and had zero to no chance, they got stomped 2-0 in a BO3 with a maybe somewhat close scoreline on Dust2 16-13 (pretty much a pugmap so that’s expected) and on Mirage 16-5. Enso on the other hand SHOULD have gotten stomped but instead ONLY lost 13-16 against Alternate, they were behind 4-14 or so and managed to comeback to 13-15. The sad part was that they lost to a full eco so the match ended 13-16, the map was Cobblestone and Cobblestone isn’t really a map Enso play that much so the scoreline seems pretty impressive if you ask me.

Overall this is going to be a really close BO3 and I am personally expecting a 3rd map here, but teams are equal in skill but in the end, I am personally expecting eXtatus to pick this one up. The reason of this is because most of eXtatus’s players have played in nEohpyte and actually had some decent results, Kaparzo, frozen and DEV7L are some really good fraggers and I think they will bring this game home. I’m going to suggest a low bet on eXtatus.

My odds for this match: eXtatus 60:40 Enso


So this one is a tough cookie. The tournament for this matchup is not the most inspiring of sights, since the prize money for first place is only 3,000$, however gotta work with the cards we are dealt, plus don’t think these teams have much of a chance winning this, E-Frag or Empire will probably simply walk over them, and then we are looking at like 500$ prizemoney, or none which is meh. Eitherway, I was watching Enso play yesterday versus ATN and ahm it was interesting to say the least, they lost the first half 11:4, however came back to bring it to 16:13, losing  to fivesevens in the last round, however point is that they did exceed my expectations, but do I expect them to just completely stomp Exatus here? No, not quite. This is the lineup that Queztone of Hellraisers now used to play with just recently, except now that he is gone obviously they replaced him with Frozen. These guys are actually pretty decent, they’ve had very close series with Method, actually beating them 2-0 infact recently, lost 16:14 to YP, defeated Ezkatka, however of course this was with Quezstone. Overall I feel like people will look at the name Exatus, not recognize anything and bet Enso, however if you look into it, you could even argue that Exatus deserve to be the favorites for this matchup. It is hard to really say how they will perform without Queztone, they didn’t do well vs RCTIC however definitely worth a shot at an underdog here, if they do stay so.

A quick TL:DR since I don’t think I made any sense. Basically I think Exatus deserve to be the favorites here actually. Enso are not a team that I fond of, they are decent however if Exatus can step up here, they can definitely win this. Right now on CSGL Exatus are the underdog, however I disagree with that. Hopefully now Enso don’t just 2-0 them and move on and make me look like an idiot, however I think that while this is a really close game, it should favor Exatus, at around 60-40 perhaps. Not quite sure how Exatus will work without Queztone, he was quite instrumental to that lineup however I have my hopes up.


3% Exatus if below 65%, otherwise 2-3% Enso.

My odds = 60-40 Exatus

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Exatus if below 65%, otherwise 2-3% Enso

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: eXtatus 60:40 Enso

Option 2Bet Enso if odds 35% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

I actually don’t really understand these odds. If you had to ask me before who I thought was better, I would actually say eXatus, so to see them underdog here makes me wonder what’s going on. Maybe it is just the little paranoid kid in me who worries about this, but the prize pool for this cup is not that big, so perhaps there are other things at work here? Enso recently picked up two guys who are actually pretty decent. Their results have not really improved that much though, and a win over NR and a close loss to ATN being their only real results since. I do expect these odds to move, but as they stand right now, the only logical bet you can make is a LOW bet on eXatus.

My odds for this match: eXtatus 65:35 Enso

Option 2Bet Enso if odds 35% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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