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2016/02/18 16:00 UTC

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FaZe vs. FSid3 at ESL

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Again a BO1 between FaZe and FlipSid3 this time on Cobblestone and Cobblestone is by far FaZe’s worst map, they rarely play on it and it’s pretty much an instaban for them. The thing here is, with how bad FlipSid3 are playing currently, even a team like FaZe who don’t play the map at all can beat FlipSid3 here in this form. It will be incredibly close and it’s imo a real tossup. I first want to watch the same match on Inferno and see how that turns out. My recommendation bet will stand for now but might get edited depending on the match on Inferno.

Pick: FaZe

Bet: Low on FaZe 5%


My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 FSid3

Interesting game here potentially. I do expect FaZe to take the first map, which will make the odds even better for this game. Cobble is a map that Fsid3 know how to play. They are comfortable on this map, and have good results on it. They destroyed E-frag on it, had a close loss to mouz, destroyed HR, beat CSGL, and had a close loss to Dignitas, and we all know how good dig are on this map.

FaZe on the other hand, do not play this map. Even finding their results on this map is actually hard to come by. They avoid it. They don’t like it and they don’t feel comfortable on it. They veto it and unless they have been working a lot on this map, which I doubt, they are going to find this game hard.

With the first game likely going to FaZe, and odds already being low on this game for a FS bet, and them sure to go even lower during the day, the most logical thing to do is to go LOW on FS to take this map. It is a high risk bet as FaZe still have the potential to use their superior skill to take this game, but if is the map FS have the best chance of taking and going on FaZe here at these odds would be crazy.

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 FSid3


So this is the 2nd matchup between both of these teams. The map here in question is Cobblestone. Cobble is actually a map that I do not like FaZe on, however you could argue that this is F3’s best map. or at least up there. Now being on a map is good and all, however it doesn’t make a serious difference if you get completely out aimed and out played in every way, even if you know your dandy smokes and flashes. This comes down to me to who honestly is landing their shots, F3 has huge upset potential on this map considering that FaZe does not play this map often at all, and as long as the F3 guys can all step up here, and perhaps hope that the FaZe guys are having a quiet game, which they very often do due to their general playstyle I feel and the way they work things, it is very possible. If WorldEdit and Bondik in particular can do their magic here, things could get really shaky for FaZe, however eh, they have not been showing good signs as of recent, so my confidence is not the highest of highs. Overall not much else to say here, for me this is a 60-40 in favor of FaZe. Just going to play the odds here with a very low bet.


Going to drop 2-3% on F3 here as long as they are under 35%, however if they are above it, I will go 2-3% on FaZe here. Just comes down to pistols and who is really feeling it. FaZe could completely trash F3 here if they are on form, so not much hope.

My odds = 60-40 FaZe

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% F3 if under 35%, otherwise 2-3% FaZe

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 FSid3


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