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2016/01/23 12:02 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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FaZe vs. LG at Dreamhack

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This is a rematch of the first best of one match they had yesterday, FaZe won 16-9 on Inferno and that was quite a big upset as Luminosity had a ton of close matches against teams like Fnatic, Na`Vi and Astralis on this map, I didn’t expect FaZe to play so well and that I’m quite surprised with the final result.

I’m still gonna favor Luminosity here as I feel like they are simply better and way more solid as a team, their matches against FaZe were always quite easy and they also had no problem beating other tier 2 teams, Luminosity struggled a bit against SK Gaming yesterday but overall their recent performance was just godlike.

FaZe struggled against lower teams recently and they played very bad overall both online and on lan events, I’m pretty sure they had a break because there is just no other explantation for their awful performance, FaZe used to be one of the best tier 2 teams in the world and many people already considered them as tier 1, they pulled off many upsets against worlds best teams and looked very strong back then, they don’t look so good right now though.

I feel quite confident with my bet on Luminosity, I placed a low bet on them and that’s probably the smartest thing to do here, would suggest doing the same, although the match seems to be quite risky knowing that FaZe proved they can beat Luminosity.

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 Luminosity

Firstly, I want to say Hello! My name is Tobias and I will be covering Tier1  matches on I really want to thank for giving me this opportunity.

Now, onto the analysis;

FaZe looked hot against Luminosity yesterday. Although, I’m not sure whether this was FaZe going full beast mode or Luminosity going full bot mode. I think it was a bit of both. FaZe looked extremely bad against Navi on Train. They lost every single advantage they had, 4v2’s 3v2’s 2v1’s.. FaZe just didn’t look on point that game. FaZe did really have the chance to make it somewhat close vs Navi but winning vs Navi was never really a thing as Navi are currently the favourites to win this event with Astralis.

Luminosity have been looking straight up bad. Not the Luminosity we all know at all. From almost beating Fnatic in the Semi-finals of StarSeries to almost getting thrown out of groups vs SK Gaming. Overpass started pretty good, they won it without any problems but Mirage, that should have been a definite win. Luminosity’s CT side on this map looked far from good, they tried to win it anyway on their T side but it simply didn’t work, SK out-classed them on this map. 3rd map Train was again, incredibly close (in the beginning). SK were up 7-3 at one point on their CT side and Luminosity called for a tactical pause, right after this pause they started to play, win rounds and come back to a really good T half, 7-8. They lost the pistol on their CT side but immediately striked back with a force-buy win. They closed out the map, 16-10 with no problems on their CT side.

The thing here is, both teams aren’t playing as they should. Luminosity should be thankful for the tactical pause they did otherwise they would have been out. FaZe overall are looking better than Luminosity at the moment. If Luminosity play like they did yesterday, then FaZe definitely stand a chance and I can see them winning this BO3. Atlhough, if Luminosity play superior as they are, then FaZe stand 0 chance.
I think Luminosity will wake up and play like they normally do and win in this BO3. I’m expecting the odds to be 60%+ so the best bet is to go 5% of your inventory on FaZe. When the odds somehow get below 60%, go with 8% of your inventory on Luminosity.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: FaZe 40:60 Luminosity


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