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2016/03/29 19:55 UTC

Winner Liquid
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FaZe vs. Liquid at MLG

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At first I was going to put this as a 50-50, however I have to look reality in the eyes and go through some facts here. S1mple just made a post saying how he is missing Ukraine and not enjoying America, followed by a video that it is going to be hard with Adren standing in for them here and the hopes are not too high. Adren standing in of course once again, Liquid being in a tough spot over their leadership, their map pool not being great, they are just overall not in a great spot right now, and I really want them to get far, however if I was to put them as the favorites here or even at the same level of FaZe, that would not do justice at all here. Liquid can win without a doubt, you look at FaZe right now and they are not looking good online at all, their players are inconsistent and as a team they are struggling, they have however been bootcamping at the FaZe house in America so no jetlag and they will be somewhat settled too. You look at Liquid and they can win, they have 4 players here who can take the game by the neck and carry the team, however you know who else has that? FaZe, and on top of that they have a more chilled atmosphere with no Adren hanging about. I could rant all day however gotta cut it, 55-45 in favor of FaZe here.


5% FaZe if under 60%, otherwise 3% Liquid

My odds = 55-45 FaZe

My risk = High

My bet = 5% FaZe if under 60%, otherwise 3% Liquid

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 Liquid

Option 1Bet FaZe if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Tough to call game to be honest. FaZe have been bootcamping in America and are really going hard for this event. Their main problems lie with their map pool and the mistakes they make. They seem to be a massive momentum based side, and one anti eco loss can derail their whole match. Another issue they have, is their CT sides. They are really poor at them, and need to fix this going into the major if they are to have a chance.

Liquid said before this event they would only practice with adreN a few days before the event and this could really hurt them. They are coming into this event not expecting much, and I don’t think we will get much from them either. They will find the going tough, and the main issue for them is I don’t really see a map where they are favoured over FaZe. I can see them trying to get it on D2 or Cache, two maps that FaZe are also really good on.

Overall this is still a BO1, between two sides that could be quite even. I would purely play the odds, below 60% for FaZe, go on them, over 60%, LOW/ICB on Liquid.

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 Liquid

Option 1Bet Liquid if odds 35% or less

Small (4%)

high risk

Probably the scariest matchup of today. Both teams aren’t bad but also aren’t really that good. FaZe have really been slumping recently and just seem weak, the new boy Aizy seems to not fit in this team at all, he’s a starplayer and shouldn’t play in a starline-up like this, FaZe needs changes and I honestly won’t be surprised when they pick up Kioshima instead of Aizy after the major. Overall FaZe are still a team who are insane in BO1’s, they always seem quite consistent no matter who they play against.

Liquid’s first major with this whole new team although adren will play instead of koosta so that’s a downgrade. Liquid seem like a pretty decent team but I just don’t like them having nitr0 as an igl, he’s an entryfragger and should be fragging rather than calling, they need a coach to igl for them and they’re good to go but as of now, ever since nitr0 as been calling, Liquid have a hard time getting entries on the site, S1mple can’t do it all alone and Hiko has to step up, Hiko is the man of the clutches and shouldn’t be the one dropping 30 bombs. Liquid really have to rely on individual skill here.

So yeah, Liquid will have to rely on individual skill and overall that’s just a thing FaZe are waaaay better at, they have so much more fragging power. Neither team really has an igl so it’s going to come down to the aimduels, Like I said, IMO that favours FaZe so we’ll be going with FaZe for this one.

My odds for this match: FaZe 65:35 Liquid


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