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2016/03/19 19:00 UTC

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FaZe vs. mouz at ESL

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The map is dust2, the second game between these two teams tonight.

Mouz looked really good against fnatic on d2 recently even if Fnatic did look a little off the pace after a convincing first half . They have historically been pretty solid on d2 and i think they have the slight edge going into this map.

FaZe played G2 on dust2 on Thursday and it was honestly some of the most scrappy cs i’ve seen in a long time with most rounds coming down to out and out aim duals and insane individual play.

I think tactically mouz definitely have the advantage going into the match and that’s why i’m giving them the slight edge here. However, I think that the recent win over Fnatic on d2 might skew the odds in mouz’s favour quite a bit more than they should.

Don’t get me wrong these two teams are very similar in terms of skill and this game could honestly go either way so i’d recommend playing the odds on this game. Go small on FaZe if their odds stay below 45% otherwise go small mousesports.

My odds for this match: FaZe 45:55 mousesports

Option 1Bet mousesports if odds 55% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


Second match between these two of the day and this time it is on Dust2, once again a map that both teams can play. Dust2 I am a strong believer that almost any team can play, since I mean, it is Dust2. It’s been around for so long and it is just so common that it is impossible to avoid. Granted you may have more advanced strats or whatever than another team, however the basics stand in pretty much everyone’s head. Dust2 is typically the aim map, the upset map and I mean, aiming is pretty much all FaZe is about, but then again same with Mouz, but more so FaZe. I really do think that this will just come down to who shows up, Mouz has been doing well for themselves recently while FaZe has been really poor, and if they continue this poor run of form things are not looking bright for them. Same story with Mouz, if all the players are firing their shots and not just Niko attempting to carry hard, they should be able to cause damage, however it is hard to bet on Niko being the only one to carry. Eitherway, 55-45 in favor of Mouz here, could go eitherway especially given that it is a BO1, so play the odds with a low bet here.


2-3% Mouz if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% FaZe

My odds = 55-45 Mouz

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Mouz if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% FaZe

My advice = same as my bet

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 mousesports

Option 1Bet mousesports if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Second map is D2, another map both sides are good on, but a map that I favour slightly more towards mouz. FaZe have shown they are good on the map, and the NiP loss should be ignored as they played it 4v5 for the most part. But I also watched them against Tstorm, and they were lucky to come through this game. Some of their plays and decisions, especially on the CT side, were poor and they should have really lost this game.

Mouz have looked really good on it recently, especially on their T side. Taking down fnatic in an amazing come back was impressive, as were their wins against G2 and the old Vexed boys. FaZe had close losses to G2 and Navi, with both games having those key throw rounds that I mentioned earlier. If they can eliminate them, they for sure have a chance in this game, just betting on them when they are prone to this makes me nervous.

Overall though, another game where you need to play the odds. 70-30 in favour of mouz is far too high, and I do expect FaZe and mouz to split the series, you just need to pick the right one. With FaZe being below 40%, I would suggest a LOW bet on them. 70% for a BO1 between two close sides on a map they both like is too high in my eyes.

My odds for this match: FaZe 40:60 mousesports

Option 1Bet mousesports if odds 60% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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