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2016/02/10 22:30 UTC

Winner FaZe

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FaZe vs. VP at ESL

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This is the second match on CSGL between these two. The map here is Mirage. Once again like the Astralis game, going to keep this shorter since literally analysed the exact same game 5 minutes ago, so if you wish to have a full in detail analysis, feel free to read that one. Nothing changes but the map, which I will obviously adjust to. 



So for this one, the map is Mirage. Honestly don’t even know what to think about this, I do not really like FaZe on this map, however they are decent. Virtus Pro for them it is one of their strongest maps, so that is quite worrying here. However if you are just slacking hard, doesn’t matter what map you play, you’ll get demolished! But seriously I do reckon that this once again will be a really close game as long as both teams turn up. If both teams play to their highest peak here, I will obviously favor Virtus Pro, however I don’t see it happening and I got my hopes low for them. This is a BO1 of course, and like I always say, these just come down to if somebody wins both pistols and the antiecos, few 1v1 clutches and what not, and like I said in my previous analysis, FaZe is quiet good at doing those kind of things due to their playstyle and the players in that team are all impact players who have the potential to come up big for the team at any moment. For me this is yet another 50-50, perhaps you could push VP a bit more favorites here than on Train, however I feel 50-50 is fair, if you want to be picky, perhaps 52-48 VP due to the map.


Going to play the odds here, picking a winner here, gl hf. 50-50 for me, so I will just 2-3% on the underdog here, if there is no underdog I’ll just skip, aka 50-50. Recommend doing the same with a low bet.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Underdog

My advice = 2-3% Underdog


My odds for this match: FaZe 50:50 VP

Most has been said in the other analysis, this BO1 will be on Mirage and I feel like VP are way better on Mirage than on Train, the opposite counts for FaZe. This used to be VP’s best map and they were unbeatable on it, I’m not sure how it is now. Anyway, I highly suggest you to bet low on whoever the underdog is here. If VP is the underdog, then bet 5% on VP. if FaZe is the underdog, then bet 5% on FaZe. Good luck!

My odds for this match: FaZe 50:50 VP


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