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2016/03/23 18:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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FLG vs. CSGL at Starseries

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CSGL right now are probably the scariest team to bet on and bet against. They tend to go full beast-mode in leagues they really want to win such as DreamHack Malmo qualifier, but they also tend to just throw matches in leagues where the prizepool isn’t good enough such as GO:CL. Now, StarLadder is a fairly decent league with a decent 100k prizepool, CSGL should be trying for this but we can’t be 100% sure, due to that it’s just best to skip this match and see if they actually care, when they do, we can go big on them the next one. Obviously FLG shouldn’t be any problem for CSGL as CSGL are way way better but I’m gonna suggest a skip and see how much they actually care about this league. Do not bet on this!

My odds for this match: FLG 20:80 CSGL


Yeah I’m not bothered to bet on this. CSGOOLounge are notorious for just being extremely off, however having the capability to really turn on the pace and defeat teams like Flipsid3 and Digntias and what not, hence the very high odds. FG played against G2 on Dust2 a few days ago and got 13 days, and yes granted it is Dust2 however it is still impressive and worrying, and while I do think they are not very good, if CSGL are off they can definitely fight here. Overall not going to get into too much detail, just skip this. BO1 with 85-15 odds in favor of CSGL? Never in my life will I high CSGL in a BO1, ever. Skip this and move on. 75-25 CSGL. The only way you should bet here on CSGL if they get really good odds, below 75% we are talking about, however I do not see that happening here at all, probably will be a 90-10.


Only betting CSGL if the odds are below/at 75%, and still a lowbet. Nothing else is worth here, well…an ICB on Fluffy Gangsters is a good idea too if you want to go down that route.

My odds = 75-25 CSGL

My risk = High

My bet = Skipping unless CSGL is at or below 75%, in which case 3-5%.

My advice = Same as my bet, or just ICB FG

My odds for this match: FLG 75:25 CSGL

Option 1Bet CSGL if odds 75% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

First match in SL I-League Invitational. This match will be BO1.

Fluffy Gangsters are a pretty decent CIS team. They have played together for a long time, it seems on their Terrorist side they’re pretty good. They qualified for Dreamhack Malmö closed qualification, but there they lost against G2 0-2. I see them to practising with team and for personal skill as well. liTTle is their best player, he has good aim and a lot of experience. Dust2 is the best map for them, and the worst are maybe Cache and Cobblestone.

CSGL are my favourite Polish team because they’ve worked hard in every single match. I cant enhance any player from that strong 5, because all of them can drop 30’s at this level. They also have a strong Terrorist side like Fluffy Gangsters, main map for them is Cache, and the worst one is Inferno for sure.

Dont forget, its a tier4 team against a top tier2 in a BO1. Risk is medium because as I said its BO1, but CSGL SHOULD take this match easily. If the map is cache I wouldnt be surprised if it was 16-0.

Medium+ (8-10%) on CSGL


My odds for this match: FLG 20:80 CSGL

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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