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2016/02/29 20:00 UTC

Winner FM

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FM vs. AT at CEVO

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Another hard to call game here that will really come down to map pick, pistols and how individuals perform, namely CRUC1AL for FM and ZELIN for AT. Both sides are at similar levels, sporting similar kinds of results which makes this game a hard one to predict. Out of the 2 sides though, I would say that the skill level is a little higher in FM, their map pool is stronger, and their results seem to be more consistent.

For example, AT lost a match to NR, another UK side who are a tier below that of FM. They were totally destroyed on the first map, and this is worrying for them coming into this game. It really feels like they only ever play Cache, Cobble or inferno in the majority of these matches, and if FM can avoid Inferno especially, I feel like they have a good chance here.

This is still a really close game that could go either way, but as of right now I slightly favour FM going into this one. If they can start strong on not a good map for AT, I feel like they SHOULD be able to take this. It is still a high risk game, so don’t bet too high if you do decide to bet.

My odds for this match: FM 55:45 AT


A match between two somewhat decent tier4 teams. FM are actually a team who might be a bit underestimated, CRUC1AL will be playing for them and this guy is insane and maybe a bit too good for a tier4 team, he always carries FM so he’s by far their best player and I expect him to come up huge. FM’s recent results have also been quite impressive, they beat in a BO3 with a 2-1, beat Lions and went incredibly close against CSGL on Train.

AlienTech are a team who don’t have a big mappool. AlienTech’s best and quite literally only maps they can play are Inferno and Cobblestone, they can beat any tier4/3 team on these maps and make a lot of upsets, but all the remaining 5 maps are maps they’re just bad on. They get upset on it by all teams and simply can’t play them. Due to this, I just think FM should be able to win this as it’s a BO3 and FM should be banning either Cobblestone or Inferno here. I’m suggesting a low bet on FM here and let’s see how hard CRUC1AL can carry today. Do know that this match is incredibly risky as Cobblestone and Inferno COULD be maps that get through and if that’s the case, AlienTech should be able to win. So, either go for a low bet on FM or just skip this one and save your money for Katowice 2016!

Pick: FM

Bet: Low on FM [5%]

My odds for this match: FM 60:40 AT


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