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2016/01/14 10:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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Fnatic vs. EnVyUs at Starseries

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Betting on a match between these two is always very hard as both Fnatic and ENVYUS are considered as worlds best teams, I’d personally favor Fnatic a little bit as this is by far the most consistent team in the history of CS:GO, their results in the last few months were also very good, fnatic managed to take down Na`Vi, TQM, Gamers2, VirtusPro and few more, surprisingly they lost 0-2 against ENVYUS in the last match between them.

ENVYUS played really bad against TQM a couple of days ago, they got destroyed 16-5 on overpass and 16-7 on cache, they also lost against Na`Vi, NiP, Luminosity, VirtusPro, FlipSid3 and struggled against few tier 2 teams like dignitas and Titan. ENVYUS are not in their best form lately, they were showing poor performance for quite some time already and I wouldn’t really bet on them here as they might just choke again.

I’d say the odds are quite accurate as Fnatic should have an upper hand here, I also feel like they have the map pool advantage as fnatic were always good on pretty much every single map while ENVYUS were struggling on few.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 60:40 EnVyUs

Envy have not been in the best form lately, but can turn it on when they need too. On paper, they have one of if not the best roster in the world, and have a good record against fnatic. Even the events fnatic won towards the end of last year, they didn’t do it cleanly. They struggled on every one, and this game, although I favour fnatic for this game, this game could really go either way, and for me personally, the most logical thing to do is play the odds, and go LOW on Envy.

This is a type of game that will largely come down to many moments of individual plays, and with the skill level being so high, these moments can always go either way. One player can go off more than the others, one bit of luck, these are small margins, and for me the most logical thing to do, is what we did with the LG game earlier, purely play the odds if you have some spare skins. These types of games where you could bet on either are not the best bank building bets, so if your bank is small, the safest option is to SKIP this game, as like I said before, this game could honestly go either way.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 50:50 EnVyUs


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