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2016/02/21 12:59 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Fnatic vs. G2 at ESL

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Damn this tournament had so many one sided matches and yet we have another one right here, some people might think that Gamers2 are not that far from fnatic when it comes to their current skill level, especially because of their great performance against Astralis, but fnatic is the best team in the world and they rarely lose agianst Gamers2, just take a look at their head to head results from the past, fnatic won like 80% of the matches…

Gamers2 should be very happy with their results, this is by far the best even they’ve had in a while, so far they played to very close matches against Astralis and managed to win once, also beat Vexed and x6tence but that’s not that impressive. Fnatic performed better overall, they beat dignitas, gBots, and went 2-1 against ENVYUS in three separate best of 1’s, their matches against dignitas and gBots were surprisingly close, but I think fnatic just underestimated their opponents.

Fnatic are simply better and won majority of their previous matches against Gamers2, pretty sure they will take this one as well.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 75:25 G2


Now historically when you think back to this matchup, you will actually find that G2, or then Titan is actually a team that Fnatic struggles a lot against. They’ve admitted it in countless interviews that they just hate playing against this team, of course roster changes have gone through since then, however the core has remained the same and most importantly, the in-game leader of G2 is still there. Now, of course this does not go for much as in recent history, Fnatic has demolished G2 on most occassions, however the fact still stands. Back in the days when Fnatic were just a moving asteroid that nobody could stop, Titan were one of the teams that were able to put their power in front of this asteroid, and actually do something. Now enough of that, obviously times have changed a bit like I said and in recent history, favors all Fnatic obviously, however my hopes in G2 are definitely there. I must admit, I like G2, I like them more than I like Fnatic, obviously Fnatic are better but I just want this G2 team to do well. With G2 it is two modes, either really heavy bot mode or god mode, and trying to predict which one we will see is really difficult, not to even mention how hard G2 struggles at closing out games at some points, for example the two times they played Astralis this tournament, so far they are 1-1 vs Astralis, but should be 2-0, and cou’ve been 2-0 down if they just tried extra hard to choke once again yesterday. If the triple ‘S’, aka ScreaM, Shox and Smithz are on fire, with RPK contributing to the play too, I feel like this team can be deadly, however what usually happens is that either Shox or ScreaM is having the worst game of their life, and just brings down the whole team a whole bunch. G2 so far have been looking pretty alright, all things considered, choked versus Astralis, lost in OT, destroyed x6tence, did good versus Vexed, destroyed first half Astralis, but failed to close out game until last moment vs Astralis once again, and well now they are here. Fnatic actually until their last match with Envy yesterday did not have a solid performance, they had a lot of wins, but nothing clean. Nearly lost to Gbots, should have lost to Dignitas, were down 15:9, came back and won, overall yes they are winning, but shaky. 65-35 in favor of Fnatic here, recommend playing the odds here.


Just gonna play the odds here, really risky. Don’t see odds getting good for Fnatic, so probably gonna be a G2 bet. If Fnatic is below 72%, I’ll go 3% on them, otherwise 2-3% on G2(most likely)

My odds = 65-35 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Fnatic if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% G2

My advice = SAme as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 G2


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