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2016/03/02 20:20 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Fnatic vs. mouz at IEM

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Historically, it has always been a somewhat one-sided game. Fnatic, top1 team in the world, Mousesports, surely top10 in the world but should not be able to beat Fnatic even though it’s a BO1. All 7 maps feel like maps that favour Fnatic quite a bit except for Mirage, it should and will be their insta-ban so after that it SHOULD be a guaranteed win.

Medium (10%) on Fnatic

My odds for this match: Fnatic 75:25 mousesports


Ok here is the thing, I don’t doubt that Mouz can upset Fnatic, they’ve done it before, the most recent game they’ve played eachother on however Olof did not play for some reason, and I mean, I think there is a difference between Vuggo and Olof, not sure tho, might be just as good /s. Also more importantly to note, who all had a good game? Nex, ChrisJ, Niko and ok granted Denis too, however without him having a good performance I think they’d still would of won. Also important to note, Mouz had Gob B instead of Spidii here. The trio of Chrisj, Nex and Niko I repeat like a parrot that is deadly, they can challenge any team out there, however granted not consistently however it’s a possibility. Especially in a BO1 like this, if Fnatic get to a slow start, Mouz has some top tier talent in that team, they just need to learn how to get that talent to be more productive. Fnatic will probably win, however I’d still play the odds here, not much else to really say. 75-25 Fnatic. Fnatic are just in a level of their own as of recent.


7-10% Fnatic here if under 82%, otherwise ICB/2% on Mouz here.

My odds = 75-25 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 7-10% Fnatic if under 82%, otherwise ICB/2% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 75:25 mousesports

Mouz are not a bad side, and actually looked better today than I thought they would do, but I still don’t think they are on a fnatic level. They might have a chance on a map like cache, but passed that I cannot see them taking this game. Fnatic and mouz both rely on their aimers to go to work, and apart from NiKo, in mouz the rest of them are too inconsistent in my eyes to take this game. Fnatic just have too much for them and I would be really surprised if they dropped this game. I expect it to be a closeish game, but for fnatic to come out the winners. MED on the Swedes here.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 70:30 mousesports


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