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2016/02/24 23:45 UTC

Winner Fnatic
SK Gaming

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Fnatic vs. SK at ESL

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So this is probably the safest match for today despite the best of one format, fnatic is the best team in the world and cache is one of their better maps statistically, they have been doing very well on it recently and beat very strong teams such as Luminosity, FaZe, Gamers2 and more, fnatic also won 5 big lan events since the second half of November which is just insane, they win pretty much every single tournament they attend.

SK Gaming is fnatic’s opponent today and well, there is just no chance for SK to win this match because cache is probably their worst map, they played only five matches on cache with the current lineup and lost three of them, it wouldn’t look that bad if it was against better teams, but SK Gaming lost against E-Frag, LDLC White and mousesports, managed to beat PENTA and Dignitas although tenzki couldn’t play and dig used Maziaz instead, that’s a massive upgrade so beating them wasn’t that big of a deal.

Fnatic will outplay SK Gaming here, I highly doubt they could lose this match and it should be safe enough to place a couple of max bets on fnatic.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 90:10 SK Gaming


BO1 on Cache, pretty sure it’s Fnatics worst map as of now, they aren’t necessarily good on it and don’t really practise it a lot. This is not really a map Olof can go ham on, Dennis and Krimz always topfrag on this map and that’s how its supposed to be. If either player is not on point then Fnatic tend to lose matches on Cache. SK also don’t play this map a lot but the last time they played this was against Astralis (ex-TSM back then) and they won 16:2. This was on lan and ex-TSM were searching for an org so it was all chaotic, SK did play well but it wouldn’t be 16:2 when there’s a rematch. I expect Fnatic to take this one as well. Even when Krimz or Dennis turn off, I still think they got it.

Pick: Fnatic

Bet: Medium on Fnatic 10%


My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 SK Gaming


So this time around, this is the 2nd match between these two on CSGOLounge. The map here is Cache. Cache is neither of the teams best maps, one of the more worse maps for Fnatic, however that does not go far to be honest, it is Fnatic, they are pretty godly on any map they play, especially vs opposition like SK. I was mentioning in my previous analysis how SK was doing really well for themselves, getting good results, however yesterday they really struggled and nearly lost 2-0 vs E-Frag, which really off puts me and just sums up SK’s consistency as a team, it’s non-existent. In fact, SK lost 16:5 on Cache to E-Frag yesterday. Obviously there is a match between these two before this one, so keep your eyes peeled on that one to get some sort of an idea on how the teams are playing, could be a good idea. Fnatic are just back from ESL Barcelona which they won, so they might have had some celebrations, I’m not sure however something to keep in mind. I would maxbet this if it was like a BO3 probably, however considering it is a BO1, a medium suits more I reckon. These very usually can just come down to players going crazy, winning pistols and clutches and what not. 80-20 Fnatic.


10% Fnatic here as long as they are below 88%, otherwise probably skip/ICB SK here.

My odds = 80-20 Fnatic

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Fnatic if under 88%, otherwise skip/ICB SK

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 80:20 SK Gaming


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