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2016/03/29 21:15 UTC

Winner Fnatic

Fnatic vs. Splyce at MLG

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So this is pretty much the safest match of the entire group stage, a best of one between the best team in the world up against arguably the weakest team in the entire tournament, the map doesn’t even matter as fnatic would destroy SPLYCE on any map to be honest, there is just no way fnatic loses here.

Maxing on fnatic might be a nice idea but it might be hard to get any overpays, the best thing to do is probably betting that SPLYCE won’t get more than 12.5+ rounds, could even go that they won’t win 8.5+, but sometimes fnatic “troll” weaker teams and they could actually lose 9 rounds here.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 95:5 Splyce


Is it too far to say that if Splyce upsets this it will be the biggest upset in the history of CSGO given the importance? Of course it is a BO1 so it kinda removes a bit of that wow factor if Splyce wins, however still. Fnatic should be looking to trash Splyce here, nobody on Splyce compares to the skill ceiling of Fnatic, both individually and on a team basis. Not much I can really say here honestly, Fnatic should like 16:5 this or something like that, Fnatic map wise will crush Splyce and overall I just do not see Splyce doing anything here. Odds will represent this however, so maxbetting is the only viable option here, so if you have a set, feel free to throw it here


20% Fnatic but like you should not be betting Fnatic here unless a maxbet set as you will not get a return, otherwise just skip/ICB Splyce here

My odds = 95-5 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = Maxbet Fnatic

My advice = Max Fnatic if got a set, otherwise skip/icb

My odds for this match: Fnatic 95:5 Splyce

Safest match of the day by far. Splyce managed to qualify for the major but the question is, are they ready for it? IMO they aren’t at all, and facing the best team in the world to start off isn’t too great for them either. Everyone knows what’s going to happen here; Fnatic is going to win. I honestly don’t give Splyce a single change as they’re just not good enough. Like I said, safest match of the day. Should be an easy one for Fnatic.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 95:5 Splyce


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