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2016/02/11 21:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic
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Fnatic vs. VP at ESL Predictions


Fnatic are simply top1 right now and unbeatable, we haven’t seen them a lot recently as they skipped 2 lans in a row. They are still top1 and unbeatable. VP on the other hand .. I don’t even know. Lost 2:0 to FaZe yesterday on Train and Mirage which wasn’t exactly close at all, VP are going downhill and I don’t think that the VP we saw at Dubai in 2015 won’t be coming back, ever. That VP is buried and gone, won’t be coming back. This VP is still a tier1 team but I expect them to drop sooner or later, their history pretty much keeps their tier1 pride alive. Even when they beat Fnatic here, I would call it a fluke. Sorry to the VP fans (I was one myself) but it’s just my opinion.


I don’t think VP can really upset here, the map is Dust2 and this seems to be Fnatics best map as of now, they are by far the best team on Dust2 and I’m not expecting VP to make it even close.


Like I said, I’m not expecting VP to upset but we have to keep in mind, it’s still tier1 vs tier1 and it’s still VP as underdog. We will be going Medium on Fnatic here, 10% of your inventory, just don’t go too high. Make sure to skip once Fnatics odds reach 85%+

My odds for this match: Fnatic 75:25 VP

One of the worst maps for VP here against one of the best for fnatic. Judging by how VP played yesterday and how they’ve played recently on this map, I think the chances for them taking this to be really slim. VP let through mouz at Dreamhack and were completely dominated on it, leaving me to believe they still have not really worked on this map. Looking at how VP played yesterday, they seem to be slumping really hard right now and need to find some form quickly. We have not seen fnatic play for a bit, but they should be far too strong for VP here. MED on fnatic if the odds stay below 80%, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 70:30 VP

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