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2016/02/16 20:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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FSid3 vs. Astralis at ESL

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Once again, going to keep this one shorter since ICB and there is better matches out there. 



This is the 2nd matchup between these two on Lounge, this time on Overpass. Funnily enough Overpass is actually the map that F3 has beaten Astralis on, however that was some time ago with S1mple and what not, so that does not really count for much. Decent map for both of these once again, however the map should not matter too much here, Astralis are a few steps ahead of Flipsid3 in every aspect here, plus they have been bootcamping the past week, so they really should be taking this. A bootcamp means that they will not feel as shaky and what not, however like I said in the previous analysis, could also mean that they experiment with things which could give Flipsid3 a chance here. Flipsid3 is a decent team, and I do not really wan to count them out here in a BO1. BO1’s are random and if Astralis loses this, would not be too surprised, seen bigger upsets, however once again, it should not happen. 75-25 in favor of Astralis once again.


Once again, F3 at 15%, just not worth betting on Astralis here. Maybe if it was a BO3 you could make an excuse for some sort of a high bet, but in a BO1, and it’s Astralis, no thanks. I rather just ICB on F3 here or simply skip all together. Will throw some garbage on F3 here in the hopes of an upset. Recommend doing the same.

My odds = 75-25 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = ICB F3

My advice = Skip/ICB F3

My odds for this match: FSid3 25:75 Astralis


Again a BO1 between the same teams this time on Overpass. Overpass is one of Astralis’s best maps and dominate against tier2 teams here and some tier1 teams as well. Their most recent match on Overpass was rather a choke against Na’Vi. After being 13:2 up they still choked all the way to 14:16 with an extremely sloppy T half. Astralis’s CT side on this map is insane and knowing FlipSid3 don’t exactly like this map as their T half seems to be somewhat shaky at times, I think Astralis should be able to shut down their T side fairly easily. FlipSid3 also don’t have the same CT side as Na’Vi have so Astralis should be able to get the amount of T rounds they need.


I expect Astralis to win here. I feel like Mirage will be more close than Overpass as Mirage is FlipSid3’s best map and Overpass is not exactly their best.


I will edit my bet after I saw a bit of FlipSid3 vs. Astralis on Mirage. I want to see how both teams play and if FlipSid3 are playing pretty good, then we will be dropping an ICB on them. If Astralis are stomping FlipSid3 then we will be going medium on Astralis, 10% of your inventory once again.


My odds for this match: FSid3 20:80 Astralis


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