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2016/02/18 16:00 UTC

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FSid3 vs. FaZe at ESL Predictions

Tough one to call here as both sides can be a little all over the place from time to time, but for me I would have to edge it to FaZe mainly due to the T side of FS. The last few times I watched them play on inferno, their T side was honestly terrible. They ran out of time numerous occasions, they had no idea how to take map control or fake things, they just seemed to hope for WorldEdit to get frags, something we all know is hard to do on Inferno. Their CT side was stronger for sure, but the T side of FaZe we all know is a scary thing, and their CT side on this map is quite impressive too. Especially their B hold from jkaem and Fox is really hard to break down.

Put all of this together and you have the logical choice of FaZe, but remember this is still a BO1, and a risky one at that on Inferno. I have seen FaZe have poor starts on this map and struggle, so please don’t bet too high on this game. Right now we are hoping the odds drop a little, but the most logical choice right now is to go LOW/MED on FaZe to take this.

My odds for this match: FSid3 30:70 FaZe


FlipSid3 made us lose quite a lot yesterday and it didn’t really look good from their side, they lost 1v5’s, 1v3’s, pretty much every single advantage and started rushing through smokes and making teamkills, overall a really fishy game. If they play this one seriously then I still don’t see them winning against a fired up FaZe. FaZe are on point after their bootcamp and beat VP quite comfortably. Map will be Inferno and that is definitely one of FaZe’s best maps. Should be a victory in favour of FaZe

Pick: FaZe

Bet: Medium on FaZe 10%


My odds for this match: FSid3 25:75 FaZe

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