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2016/02/27 17:10 UTC

Winner G2

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FSid3 vs. G2 at MLG

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FlipSid3’s performance against Selfless was rather disappointing, especially because of Shara who’s apparently very nervous on lan events and didn’t perform up to his standards, so FlipSid3 ended up winning 16-13 which is still okay knowing that inferno is Selfless’s best map. Either way, FlipSid3 are not as good as they were around a month or two ago and beating Gamers2 will be very hard for them.

Gamers2 had a harder opponent since Tempo Storm is arguably one of the best teams competing in North American region, they also risked a bit with the map vetos as playing against HEN1 on dust2 is definitely a hard task. Gamers2 played very well and beat Tempo Storm 16-13.

Gamers2 should be favored on pretty much every single map based on their previous results, I also believe SmithZz is a much better awper than WorldEdit and winning awp duels is also a huge advantage, Gamers2 should be able win this match.

My odds for this match: FSid3 30:70 G2

The odds are not really the best for this match, but I do thoroughly expect G2 to take this game. They looked a little shaky yesterday, but they came up against a really strong Tstorm and managed to close it out in the end. With FlipSid3 it was a different story. They really struggled against Selfless, and were lucky to come out ahead. They admitted after that Shara still really suffers from LAN nerves and this affects his performance, and the teams as a whole. Their really slow playstyle, against G2 will not really work I think, and with G2 being strong on some of the maps FS hope they could play, I see G2 running away with this game, and would suggest going MED on them.

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 G2


This one is tricky. I always say that Flipsid3 are one of the most underrated tier 2 teams, they can really be really hot when on form, especially when WorldEdit and Bondik are firing on all cylinders. For F3 to win this, those two will have to go off here. Bondik had a monster performance vs Selfless yesterday, however they still only barely won 16:13, because even tho Worldedit was 2nd in frags, he was quite a bit behind, and the rest of the team even further before, Bondik had to carry hard, and that can not happen here vs Gamers2, everyone needs to contribute. Gamers2 played TempoStorm yesterday, and honestly I think the score is a bit….wrong. I didn’t necessarily feel it was that close as the score suggests, it was close, ofcourse, but not 16:13 close, maybe like 16:9. Gamers2 just lost so many dumb rounds to like pistols and because of their failure to watch B and what not, just feel it could have been more convicinging, and if Dust2 was to be replayed, I’m sure they’d fix those mistakes. I always am scared with G2 tho, they are either hot or cold, we all know what they are like, we have seen them upset Astralis, but then lose to some really subpar tier 3 team a few days later. Overall, in a BO1 it can come down to pistol wins and what not, so another dangerous aspect. This is a 70-30 for me however.


5% on G2 here if they are below 77%, otherwise ICB/2% on Flipsid3 here. You coooould push for 7% on G2, however that is risky and I like to play it safer.

My odds = 70-30 Gamers2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 if under 77%, otherwise ICB/2% F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 30:70 G2


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